"Do you wantSofter, SmootherSkin?" "Get the skinny"

Do you feel embarrassed by the Pesky bumps on the back of arms? ~ Yikes! "Chicken-skin" dilemma!~

Do you find yourself buying multiple products with claims to improve appearance, smoothness, and softness of your skin ~ with minimal results?

do you look at your skin and sigh? Not Another skin problem!

Maybe tweaking your skin care regime is in order!

Get the skinny on improving the appearance, smoothness, and softness of your skin.

GBA Soap Co. @gbaromatiques Savon Noir Shea Bath & Body Bars

skinny on Exfoliation

Begin each day with Our Savon Noir Shea Collection soap. Using a centuries-old method in skincare, our mild skin exfoliation soap with a unique blend of charcoals acts like a magnet,when soap and water is applied to your skin. The charcoals in the soap absorb impurities on your skin leaving it smooth, soft, and supple. You will say goodbye to mbumps and dry patches, while visibly seeing a marked improvement in your skin that minimizes the Pesky "Chicken-Skin" appearance. Some people may shy away from a black soap thinking it just isn't the right soap for their skin. The color need not be a deterrent, it is what the soap does for your skin that matters.

"Embrace Luxury!"

"Embrace Luxury!"

"When it comes to Charcoals it is all about design and function. Black charcoal is used in Our Savon Noir Shea Bath & Body Bars for the contrasting effects of patterns, designs, and colors in the soap. It is aesthetically the most beautiful bar in the collection. Ageing more gracefully with daily use. You'll be pleased with the gentle exfoliation effects and how it feels on your skin. It lathers with a creamy smooth texture leaving your skin happy, softer, and smoother ~ rejuvenated & refreshed!"
"Embrace Luxury"

"Artisan Crafted Charcoal Shea Soap"

Charcoal Shea Butter Soap

skinny on Conditioners

We all want a smoother, brighter, healthier-looking complexion. Our Savon Noir Shea Bath & Body Bars are your skin's best friend, when it comes to conditioning. It is important to be mindful of the type of Shea butter used in the soap. It matters just as much as the other ingredients in the soap. Our Savon Noir Shea soap contains premium grade A Shea Butter. It is the finest quality Shea butter brimming with natural vitamin A is a great skin conditioner. Shea butter in its unrefined state comes from the karite tree, which originally (ghariti) means the tree of life due to its exceptional healing properties. To keep your skin supple and maintain it's integrity a nut butter with healing properties is paramount in your skin care regime.

Savon Noir & Savon Blanc Shea Bath & Body Bars

skinny on Hydration

We all want to keep our skin looking plump and smooth. Wrinkle-Free! To keep your skin hydrated, moisture needs to be maintained in your skin. Coconut oil, is king when it comes to skin hydration. Our Savon Noir Shea soap contains coconut oil as a main ingredient. It will replenish and nourish your skin, by holding the moisture in the skin. There will be no reason to purchase lotions and creams once you begin your skin regime using Our Savon Noir Shea Bath & Body Bars.

Savon Noir Shea Bar

skinny on Moisturizers

Please skip the fancy lotions and creams. The best emollient is a natural nut butter called Shea butter (Butryspermun Parkii). No other natural or synthetic emollient compares to Shea butter when it comes to aiding your skin in forming a protective top layer, to prevent water loss. Coating your skin with an oil-based substance (that does not leave your skin oily) like Shea butter, traps the moisture in the skin. Our Shea butter formula works well for all skin types - for men, women, and teens. It’s gentle enough to use daily on both your face and body.

Protect Your Skin

skinny on Sun Protectors

Skin protector (sunscreens) are recommended for daily use by the medical community. Generally sunscreen products contain zinc and titanium dioxides. Although important for your daily skin regime, our soap contains only natural vegan oils and earth made clays and charcoals. There are no synthetic dyes, parabens, fragrances, or irritating chemicals used that may disrupt your natural hormonal balance. Our products are gentle without chemicals of any kind and designed for daily use on your face and body. Knowing that, for extra skin protection discuss healthy skin sun protector options with your medical provider.

Savon Noir Shea Butter Soap ~ good lathering soap

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