Nation’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Will Be Built Off Long Island Nick campbell

Summary of Article: Long Island is building its first offshore wind farm. The Hampton's have been demanding more energy, and public officials wanted to make sure that they could provide them with renewable energy. Offshore wind farms and wind power in general has struggled to become an energy source for the United States, but many people who favor wind energy hope that this project will lead to many more similar projects across the country. Many of the people against offshore wind farms complain that they obstruct the view, that they will disrupt commercial fishing, and that they could cause energy prices to increase. Governor Cuomo made sure that the farm was created even with its complications because he hopes to draw half of the state's energy from clean sources by 2030.

Some people complain that offshore wind farms will ruin their view of the Ocean.

Offshore wind farms are expected to reduce the amount of air pollution and greenhouse gases because it doe not release Carbon and is a very effective power supplier. Unlike land wind farms, offshore wind farms are much more effective because the winds are stronger and have less obstructions. The wind farms will also create more jobs as they are built, placed, and maintained. Offshore wind farms are expected to become one of our largest providers of clean energy in the future.

This chart shows the amount of energy produced globally by offshore wind farms

If you want more information on offshore wind farms, watch the video below that goes more in depth on how wind farms work.

Analysis of the article: This article's main goal is to show the two sides of offshore wind farms. In this article, the author focuses on the benefits of wind farms, clean energy with no carbon emissions, new jobs for many people, and it reduces greenhouse gases and air pollution. However, the article also shows the opposing view of concerned home owners and commercial fisherman who fear that offshore wind farms will increase energy prices, obstruct the view of the coast, and disrupt the fishing community. In Cardwell's article, she discusses her hope that this wind farm off of long island will lead to more wind farms in the US that will provide clean energy.

This video has information on how offshore wind farms are working to make the world a cleaner place and how they are starting to provide more and more of the country's energy.

My Big Takeaway: I think it's really interesting that wind mills are being put out in the Ocean. This idea is one of many with the goal of lowering our carbon emissions, and I find this solution very smart. It takes up space that no one is occupying and is more efficient because the winds out a sea are stronger especially in the afternoon when energy is primarily needed. I think it is important that scientist keep on trying to make innovations to combat climate control especially when they are going to receive less help from the government. I also found this interesting because it really enhanced my knowledge of where our clean energy is coming from.

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