Case Study Evaluation HElena hall


The purpose for this art installation was to add character to an empty plot in Trentham Gardens. The aim was for these gabions to 'fit in' with the area at first glance as to not take away from the beauty of the natural area but to also add a splash of colour, which is almost hidden, still subtle but just adds something extra to the installation.

The gabions were made to look like they were rolling down the hill like dice. The first gabion was placed flat, the next two were on a slight tilt and the last two were at a diagonal on their corner.

As this piece was constructed for work experience, it was not made over consecutive weeks, instead was made one week a month and the occasional Monday. In total the art installation took approximately four weeks to plan and construct.

The artists came across quite a few barriers and constraints during construction. For example the gabions had to be fixed down for health and safety reasons. For the gabion that was flat, this wasn't a problem, but for the gabions on an angle it was slightly more complicated. Trying to balance the empty gabion in the right position, digging the trenches to place them into and hammering the hard to reach pegs into the ground became quite a task. Another barrier that the artists had to over come was the original plan was to fill one of the gabions with stones. The stones could not be easily transported and therefor a new design had to be made.

This piece was built by three volunteers, Charlotte Pegg, Helena Hall and Jolene Lowndes as part of work experience. The piece was funded by Trentham Gardens Estate, costing roughly £125 as most of the materials were sourced by Trentham from the grounds and did not cost anything.

Artists: Helena Hall, Charlotte Pegg and Jolene Lowndes

Materials: 1 metre squared metal gabions, birch logs, furniture paint, fishing wire, wooden pegs, bark, stones, bricks, moss, branches, thick wire, ferns and coloured acrylic plastic.

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