Pantherophis guttatus paul scott class 2

  1. Organized
  2. Made of Cells (smallest unit of life)
  3. adapt to environment
  4. respond to stimuli( anything that causes a reaction)
  5. maintain homeostasis( internal state of balance

Growth and Development

Growth: Increase in Size

Development: Maturity

The Corn Snake Forum - Age and Size

Dr. Patrick Russel works for World of Snakes and, contributes by observing snakes very carefully and skillfully.


Reproduction: The need to produce

Amount of eggs hatched during the months

Job Qualifications: Have to be in shape.

You have to be in shape because some snakes are tired after mating and stick around with the last female he mated with. Usually the female is aggressive after mating so, If you are in shape then you will be able to go on and find another female to mate with.

Use Of Energy

Use of Energy: The ability to do work

Sri. Lanken 2008 Snake Bites

Akbar Salubiro is a 25 year old Indonesian farmer who was eaten by a 23 foot-long python. Akbar was out farming palm oil and hasn't returned since Monday March 29th 2017. Villagers went out on search for Akbar and didn't find. They only found an immobilized snake and they wanted to know if the python eat Akbar so they open it up, and there was poor Akbar sitting in one piece inside the snake.

Respond to Stimuli

Respond to Stimuli: Anything that causes a reaction

DOR stands for Dead or Revived

Job Qualifications: You must be able to find warmth and sleep when it gets cold and have to sleep for four months straight or until it warms up.

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