Soccer is fun By:Grayson

Soccer is a fun sport because it's a game of things and also skill. It helps your musculus because it helps keep the players' heart rates up.
You can soccer moves like a rainbow it's when you put the soccer ball between you feet and flick in the air and also scissor it when you.
There are different team like Barcelona, Argentina, Chile. Some teams are bad and some teams are good. If you want to form a team then you need 11 player or more.
Every team has a goalie. The goalie is important because when someone is taking a shot then the goalie has to save the shot and sometimes the goalie miss the ball and lets in a goal.
Ever soccer game has to begin with the soccer ball and the other side get it or the other other side gets it. Ever time someone gets it to there defender and pass to ether so the player wont get it.


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