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Thesis: The Globe Theatre influenced modern theatre through its architecture, audience participation, and the actors.

Quote #1: "In 1609, a London publisher named Thomas Thorpe published a book called Shakespeare’s Sonnets. The volume contained more than 150 sonnets that Shakespeare had written over the years" (Lander).


Quote #2:"It was a large, round (or polygonal) building, three stories high, with a large platform stage that projected from one end into a yard open to the sky" (Anderson).

Commentary: The architecture of the Globe Theatre is a circular structure, about three stories high, with a fairly large platform from one end into a yard exposed to the open sky. I'm wondering what the diameter of the theater is and the total volume of the theater in cubic meters.

Quote #3: "The structure that enclosed the courtyard of a public theater was round, square, or many-sided. In most theaters, it probably consisted of three levels of galleries and stood about 32 feet (10 meters) high. The courtyard, called the pit, measured about 55 feet (17 meters) in diameter" (Lander).

Commentary:The structure that concealed the courtyard of any theater can be circular, square, or many n-sided. Each of the three gallery levels were about 10 meters in height. The pit is about 17 meters in diameter. I'm wondering what the exact height of the levels of galleries is and the depth of the pit.


Quote #4: "To the Globe Theatre came a cross section of London society, ranging from apprentices skipping work to members of the nobility passing the time. But most of the Globe’s audience consisted of prosperous citizens, such as merchants, craftworkers, and their wives, and members of the upper class. The theaters of London were an attraction, and visitors to the city were often part of the audience" (Lander).

Commentary:In the "Wooden O", there a variety of actors that consisted of merchants, craftworkers, and their wives. the members of the upper class, etc. And the city's visitors are often part of the audience. I'm wondering how many actors are in the Wooden O and the maximum occupancy of persons in the audience.


Quote #5: "Actors entered and left the stage through two or more doorways at the back of the stage. Behind the doorways were tiring (dressing) rooms. At the rear of the stage, there was a curtained discovery space. Scholars disagree about the details of this feature. But the space could be used to “discover”—that is, reveal—one or two characters by opening the curtains. Characters could also hide there or eavesdrop on conversations among characters up front on the main stage" (Lander).

Commentary: The actors entered and exited the stage through at least two doorways at the rear end of the stage. Behind the doorways were dressing rooms. At the rear, there was a curtained discovery space. The space could be used to discover 1-2 characters by opening the curtains. The actors could also hide in the space or to secretly listen to conversations from the actors on the main stage. I wonder how many tiring rooms, discovery spaces, and doorways are in the Globe.

Quote #6: "The RSC performs in three theaters in Stratford. It presents a variety of plays but remains faithful to its tradition of staging new interpretations of Shakespeare. Many of the best-known British actors and directors have worked in the RSC" (Royal).

Commentary: This quote shows that many best-known British actors worked in the Royal Shakespeare Company. This is essential because the plays must work smoothly in order the Globe Theatre to keep shape.

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