Living In The Dark Annie Deal

Woman Cooking Dinner

This woman from the 20's is cooking in her kitchen. She has enough money to make nice meal for her family and own a house. As she prepares this meal she is not worried about anything, but her family.

Living With Nothing

This mother could no longer afford a home to live in with her children. She had to make do with a shack that provided very little and her family was not in stable condition. They were suffering because they had no money.

Women had become a tool and hardly a person anymore. These women no longer had the free time and money to spend. There was no more luxury life for them to live because they were pressured into working in whatever type of home they had whether it be a shack, a cardboard box or even a hooverville, she was responsible for all the at home jobs. Some families were forced to move because where they were they could not afford or support their families. Moving required them to find jobs at camps or wherever was available to support their family. The learned how to sew their clothing at home and make meals using leftovers and some had to attend soup kitchens because they did not have enough money to buy food.

Hard Work Pays Off

These Mexicans are very grateful to have a job on the farm. They work very hard to make money and get by.

Leaving Behind Everything

This i a photo of Mexicans being deported because no one could afford to pay them for their labor, therefore they were no longer needed. After all the hard work they put into each day they worked, they where sent back to Mexico where they had no job or home.

Those who worked on farms or work camps, but were not from America experienced cruel treatment as well. Mexicans that had left their country to come here and work for American companies were forced into deportation. They were offered free train rides back to Mexico and some were even tricked into leaving. They were sent back to Mexico riding the rails with no job and no where to live.

Harlem Renaissance

African Americans are playing music for entertainment to whites and blacks. This is how they made their money and got some type of equality.

Working With What Was Left

African Americans were known to be the last hired and first fired. They ended up working in any business that would take them.

African Americans continued to use music as an escape to their equality issues and downfall when the economy crashed, but they were jobless and broke with families to provide for. If they had any job at the time, they were last hired and first hired. No matter how much effort they put in or how good they excelled at the job, they were the first to leave when it came to laying people off.

Living In Luxury

Women had free time and money to spend. They didn't have to spend too much time at home doing chores and they were able to live more comfortably.

Working Alone

This mother could not afford a washing machine so she had to wash all her and her families clothing by hand. No one else in the family helped her so all the chores were left to her and she had to make do with it all knowing they were barely making it and had no money.

Women did not have time to shop and flappers decreased. They were now being pressured to work at home and do everything that had to do with the house such as: cooking, sewing and cleaning. Women were referred to as “un-American money grubbers” if they had any sort of job that a man without a job could use. They had been guided towards doing all the work at home and being fired from businesses because men were superior in those areas. When no jobs were open to hiring women they had no other choice, but to make do with what was given at home. The life of living in the spotlight, dancing and have no worries was dropping by the day.

Buying Stocks

This bank was over flowing with clients coming in and out because the investment in stocks continued to grow throughout the 20's. As well as people buying on margin, assuming they could eventually pay it back.

Money Had Disappeared

This bank had closed down after the stock market crashed. They were unable to collect on debts forcing them into having no business at all. Bank owners had gone from living in luxury and being wealthy, to have little money ta all and suffering just as everyone else was.

At the same time, businesses were being forced to close left and right due to bankruptcy. Bankers were no longer living with lots of money and luxury. The banks were unable to collect their debts which had forced the banks to close, leaving bankers jobless like everyone else.

Excelling In Business

This is an open shop in the 20's that has several customers which led to the business making lots of money.


This man was putting up a "closed" sign due to his business going bankrupt. Many businesses had suffered through this due to the stock market crash. No one had money to buy the goods the business would produce causing there to be no income forcing them out of business and jobless.

Business owners were not in good shape because as more people had less money, there was no money to buy the goods they were producing which left them to close the business and become jobless. Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted to restore what was lost and unlike president Hoover, he wanted government to be the path to making America successful again.

Jobless and Desperate

These men are so desperate for a job at this point that they would have taken anything. They walked the streets looking for a way to support their family and themselves. very few businesses would hire because they did not have the funds to pay too many workers. many men ended up jobless and broke.

Hoover did not try to help business or the people when the economy had crashed, he believed in limited and restricted government involvement he did not believe in relief payments but he did believe in private relief support which meant he wanted charities to donate and help the economy.

Anger and Still No Money

Many banks had closed in the 30's due to bankruptcy. The government was doing little until president Roosevelt wanted to restore America's banks.

Bank Holiday Saves The Day

President Roosevelt had proposed a bank holiday all over the US. It would help restore the banks and two billion dollars was infused into the bank systems so banks would be able to reopen.

FDR had come up with something particularly to help America's banks, known as Bank Holiday, which closed all banks in America for a few days. During these few days, FDR had infused two billion dollars to the banking systems that would allow them to reopen which was convenient for bankers because they were jobless and Americans began to trust banks again knowing they would not lose their money again. FDR had also let up on the Laissez Faire policy and stepped in.

Making Money

This is an open business in the 20's that was running smoothly with many workers that got enough pay o support their families.

New Laws Intact

Many businesses could not afford to hire workers during the depression, but once businesses started to reopen, Franklin D. Roosevelt passed the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 which states that any worker must be paid a minimum of 25 cents and maximum amount of hours to be worked was 44.

He passed the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 which gave a minimum pay of 25 cents an hour and maximum working hours a week to 44 hours. Throughout this tragedy, everyone in America suffered in a certain way, but president Roosevelt made it possible to restore hope and faith to all Americans.

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