Comcast, a Customer Service Change Group 2: luke Butler, patricia barnes, ashley carroll, and victoria bLalock

The Bottom Line Up Front

To combat Comcast's poor public image we purpose to expand Comcast's area of operation and introduce improved local support and service centers.



Regional Dominace


Poor Public Image

Poor National Coverage


Google Fiber

Changing Preferences of the Younger Generation


Expanding their Fiber Network

Proposed Change

Introduce new regional service centers to allow customers to speak directly with the support staff face to face. This allows the customer the value of speaking with a real person and makes the customer feel valued improving their overall customer experience.

In addition Comcast should seek to expand their coverage to new regions and new customers. Comcast will also be introducing their new regional service centers to provide a new quality of customer service to these new possible customers.

Kotter's Change Model

Create a sense of urgency

Inform employees of negative feedback

Build a guiding coalition

Upper management and middle management

Form a strategic vision

Local offices in regions where dominant

Enlist a volunteer army

Advertise new vision to the public and customers become the volunteer army

Enable action by removing barriers

Threat: Competitors in new markets

Build multiple service centers in prevalent areas

Generate short-term wins

E-mail surveys with incentive

Sustain acceleration

Use profit to continue expanding and market the new vision

Institute change

Promote most valuable representatives to train other employees


Have you had a bad customer service experience with a company and how did it effect your perception of the company? And what has that company done, or what could that company do to repair their image in your eyes.


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