The Best Places to Stuff Your Face Like a Highlander: Ariana Aldape (photo by Ariana Aldape)

Photo by Ariana aldape
Mark at Ian's Pizza by the Slice (photo by Ariana Aldape)
Ian's is sick. If you can handle spending some quality time with your friends and some time with a quality slice of pizza, you'll love it here.
photo by ariana Aldape
Audrey at the Mequon Colectivo (photo by Ariana Aldape)
Colectivo is awesome because it's real. We have real chocolate, real honey, all the good stuff.
Photo by ariana aldape
Kayla at Insomnia Cookies (photo by Ariana Aldape)
We get to eat all of the broken cookies. It's amazing. We do our best to make sure y'all get the perfect cookie.
Photo by ariana aldape
Lloyd at Beans & Barley (Photo by Ariana Aldape)
We have some of the best bakery items and vegan burgers ever. If there's one to recommend, it's the balsamic tofu burger. Everyone leaves full and happy with that one.
Photo By Ariana Aldape
Melanie at Yo Factory (Photo by Ariana Aldape)
It's the most delicious and cheapest frozen yogurt around. We have new flavors all of the time and it's actually super healthy!
Photo by ariana aldape
Sydney at Mequon McDonald's (Photo by Ariana Aldape)
I mean you're not going to find a burger for a dollar anywhere else!
photo by ariana aldape
Janya at Mequon's Culver's (Photo by Ariana Aldape)
A lot of Homestead students come after football games and order our butter burgers or custard. We have a flavor of the day and everyone has their favorite!


Photos by Ariana Aldape

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