The Renaissance By: Natalie Augustine

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

The Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance. The reopening of the Silk Road helped the renaissance because it brought back trade and also made people wonder about new things. "Polo's description made many Europeans curious about Asia" (Holt 300). As this evidence shows that many people were curious and demanded new goods. To sum it up, Marco Polo made people demand for new goods to advantage themselves.

Left: The dates of when he traveled Middle:Marco Polo Right: The map when Marco Polo traveled.

ItaLian tRade CIties (florence)

Medici family

Far left: the Medici family Middle: the clothings Far right: the statues Medici family paid people to make.


The Greek and Romans used classical ideas to help share the development of the Renaissance. They used art to help the development of the Renaissance. "This love of art was and education was a key feature of a time we call the Renaissance"(Holt 303).

This is a sculpture made by Michelangelo

This is a glass vase made in the ancient times

They also considered wool and cloth sewing as art

Most of the sculptures were nude

Here's another example of wool art

This is a really famous sculpture made in the ancient times and now is in a museum

Leonardo da vinci

Leonardo's art was really a way for more people to get educated. It taught people how to encourage themselves to read and write. Now most of his work is in the museum.

Top left shows a portrait of Leonardo top right and picture right are examples of paintings he made left picture represents a perfect man makes a perfect circle.


It will focus on how Michelangelo made a impact on society.

PapEr and printing (johhan guTenberg)

Top: the printing press machine Left: is the process of the movable type Right: are the letters to form sentences.

The affect it had on literacy was more people began to become educated to reading. The movable type let printing become easier and faster so it lowered the price and more people became able to read.

Renaissance writing (wiLLiam shakespeare)

Shakespeare's writing attracted many common people. It attracted people to learn to read and write. They thought his language was interesting because most people wrote in Latin and he wrote in English."Ever since people have enjoyed the beauty of Shakespeare's language and his understanding of humanity"(Holt 317). Many people thought it was interesting and different that he was writing in vernacular. William Shakespeare writing reflected the ideas of humanism. He taught that every human is important."The following passage reflects the Renaissance idea that each human being is important". He made something that everyone could share everyone could have a part of and be in on. To conclude, he made everyone very interested in his work.

Left: Shows a tragedy play called Macbeth that Shakespeare wrote Right: is showing the play Romeo and Juliet.

"They told me that to make her fall in love I had to make her laugh. But every time she laughs I'm the one to fall in love"-Shakespeare

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