The Masks of Kilbourne The different masks that are in fashion, for kilbourne students and staff, and how they feel about it

Mrs. Abbott (Counselor at WKHS)

Me: Where did you get your mask from and would you recommend it?

Mrs. Abbott: This mask that I am wearing is one of the two that I wear throughout the day, and was actually the first DIY mask that I bought from Ms.Dominach. I would recommend this mask to anyone. Although this mask is a little heavy, "made with two layers of heavy cotton and a non-woven interface," it is pretty effective at doing what it needs to do and is still easy to breathe with.

Flynn (Junior at WKHS)

Me: Where did you get your mask from?

Flynn: Walmart, I didn't need anything fancy.

Me: Does it work well for you?

Flynn: Eh, it’s alright, it’s pretty plain and simple but it does what it needs to do so I am okay with it. The nose isn’t very adjustable so that’s one thing that I don’t like about it.

Izzy (Sophomore at WKHS)

Me: Tell me about your mask?

Izzy: Honestly, it might be a plain black, but I think it's cute. I have plenty of different masks back at home, but most of them are just a simple solid color. Though the one I am wearing in the picture looks plain and black, I still think it's cute; I like the sleekness to it.

Julie (Nurse at WKHS)

Me: Where do you your masks from?

Julie: Well this one that I am wearing now is from an online vendor, but it ultimately depends. When I am working with possible COVID-positive students, I switch to wearing my N95.

Me: How would you rate your mask? Why?

Julie: I would rate my mask a solid 8/10, it's pretty comfortable. I like the fact that it's very light on my face, and how the nose is adjustable with or without glasses.

Ce (Senior at WKHS)

Me: Where'd you get your mask from and how do you like it?

Ce: I got this from the school, bought it at one of the mask vendors, where it says "Worthington Kilbourne Choirs." That's mostly because I am apart of Kilbourne Singers. As for liking it, it's alright. The hardest part about wearing it is fitting it on my nose, as it doesn't stay on long enough.

Lily (Junior at WKHS)

Me: So tell me about your mask and where you got it from?

Lily: Well I bought this mask at Old Navy, and absolutely fell in love with it. It's a little uncomfortable to adjust the nose, but the decorations. With masks being mainstream, why not just buy a cute mask to go along with your outfit?

Key Takeaways: The masks at WKHS vary from person to person, from standard clinical masks, designed masks, Kilbourne-spirit masks, etc. As this article only viewed seven interviewees, a couple staff and students, there is a plethora of variety of masks at Kilbourne, ranging from all staff and students.

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