Settler :)

I am a settler, I came to this beautiful land to start a new life with my family. Everything about this land I love but what comes along with the land is the people who live here "Indians" we call them savages because they live so differently then us and they also don't like us being here. I don't mind us sharing the land but some other settlers have different views and ideas what we should do. We came here for a purpose to start something big and new and to finally live a life we want away from anarchy. The problems are that we have different beliefs about land ownership, Having our own territory, and borders, and fear of violence between natives and settlers. I was thinking about these problems and came up with some solutions. For are different beliefs about our way of life and how we live, we should build are houses and claim territory This land has open land everywhere there is no reason to make the Indians move. Insted of moving them and making them change it would be cool to show and share each other are cultures respect the fact that we are different.

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Nicole Henrie


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