The Life Of William Shakespeare Lorenz Soliven p.3

Thesis: William Shakespeare is arguably one of the best english poets, and play writers.

William Shakespeare's Early Life

Quote 1:William Shakespeare was an English playwright, poet, and actor. Many people regard him as the world’s greatest dramatist and the finest poet England has ever produced. "We know that William was born the third of eight Children.(Lander 15)" He had many brothers and sisters.

Commentary:William was well known for being a poet and actor. He is known for his plays and acts.

Quote 2:William Shakespeare was born in the small market town of Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564, the third of eight children. The register of Holy Trinity, the parish church in Stratford, records his baptism on April 26. "According to the custom at that time, infants were baptized about three days after their birth. Therefore, the generally accepted date for Shakespeare’s birth is April 23."(Lander 15)

Commentary:He was born in a small market which you wouldn't expect because of how popular he is now. People can come from any class to be very popular.

Quote 3:At the age of 7 William Shakespeare attended Stratford Grammer School with other boys of his social class. The school's high qualified teachers were graduates of Oxford University. "As far as we know he had no other further formal education."(Lander 17)

Commentary:He was well educated and had even a chance to go to school. They were taught well since the teachers were graduates from Oxford University.

Shakespeare's plays and poems:

Quote 1:After the birth of his children he made his way to London and joined the theatrical world. "It is thought that Shakespeare might have first worked as a minor actor in one of London's theater companies before making his name as a playwright.(Baker 26)" Shakespeare's Henry VI plays were apparently very successful.

Commentary:He went from just and actor to a named playwright. He didn't get big until his kids birth.

Quote 2:Between 1599 and 1606, he produced a series of masterpieces, including the great tragedies Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth, Coriolanus , and Antony and Cleopatra , as well as "problem plays" or "bitter comedies" such as All's Well That End's Well, Troilus and Cressida , and Measure for Measure . It was a flowering of genius perhaps unmatched in literary history."The second, the Lord Chamberlain's Men, performed north of the river. This was the company with which Shakespeare became associated. On March 15, 1595.(Baker 28)"

Commentary:He mostly produced tragedies. This is when he started to get known because of his master pieces.

Quote 3:"An outbreak of the plague led to a lengthy closure of all of the London theaters, and by the end of 1593, many of the companies were near collapse.(Baker 28)"The years 1592-94 were difficult ones in London. A very powerful court official made changes to the theaters. The actors were only allowed to perform at a certain theater.

Commentary:Many of the theaters closed down and collapsed. The Admerial's men performed at the Rose theater and featured the famous actor Edward Alleyen.

Quote 4:"The first of the two Henry IV plays was entered in the Stationers' Register in February 1598; the second part was entered in August 1600. (Baker 27)"Henry the fifth was first printed out in quarto in 1600. Then he produced two other land mark tragedies.

Commentary:William and Henry had a lot of plays together. The two other tragedies he produced was Romeo and Juliet and Julius Ceaser.

William Shakespeare's Life After:

Quote 1:In 1601 his father died. "A few events in Shakespeare's life during this time can also be firmly established"(Baker 46).After he made his second biggest investment he bought 107 acres of land with his uncle and William Combe. The land made many euros.

Commentary:After the whole play life he went to his family and started making money. His land became wealthy.

Quote 2:"On May 17, 1603, there was a royal warrant licensing the Chamberlain's Men.(Baker 49)" Also known as Shakespeare's company as the kingman's. King James became the official patron of Shakespeare's company.

Commentary:During 1604 the London theater's again closed down because of the plague. When the second year and a half it happened.

Quote 3:"It is thought that by about 1610, Shakespeare was spending a good deal more time in Stratford than in London.(Baker 55)"In 1611 him and others were busy defending their Stratford properties. Then he bought Henry Walkers for 140 euros. Shakespeare had died in 1616. He signed his will to his daughter as a marriage proportion. To his surviving sister.

Commentary:His only London property was very mysterious because of the deed he had with the property.

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