A Snob for Wings By Jamison Davis

So, remember in my Super Bowl column two weeks ago when I mentioned in passing that there was a new wing spot opening up and I was really excited to try it? Well, as of February 7, that new spot, Wing Snob, is officially open to the public! Well, the Dublin location is: the Clintonville location won't open until the end of the month. Anyway, I was so excited to try it out that I made my family eat it for dinner last week so that I could have an excuse to go out and get it!

Walking in, the atmosphere is definitely calmer, since it is a smaller establishment. The space that they're in used to be a Subway, but they've completely redone it to fit their own style, with bright orange walls, accented with black and white accessories, and some artwork to completely tie everything together. They don't have much seating, just one booth and a couple of window stools, but that's mainly because they're a carryout wing spot, similar to Wings Over Columbus (another fabulous wing place that is worth trying, by the way). But, I didn't come for the wall color, I came to fill up on chicken.

So. Much. Chicken.

Honestly, with a motto of "We Just Have Better Wings", I had high expectations for this experience. But, good news, this meal pretty much reached those standards! I, personally, got their lemon-pepper boneless wings, and these things are meaty. Wing Snob doesn't give you little, wimpy boneless wings like some other places do, and I appreciate that. Back to the lemon-pepper aspect though: you know how sometimes you get lemon-pepper wings and there's not much depth to them, but instead just a dry rub that is primarily just pepper? That is most certainly not the case here. Wing Snob makes their lemon-pepper wings with a lemon butter sauce and pepper sprinkled on top so that every each of that chicken explodes with flavor, without being overbearing. It's truly heaven in a few bites.

Wing Snob, so far, has been pretty underrated (as it just opened), but thanks to this overall experience, I really hope that this wing spot blows up overnight so that you guys can be just as addicted as I'm starting to be. I mean, their menu has so much variety past the basic items of fries and wings: sliders, other sides such as cornbread and coleslaw, and four types of cheesecake (plain, Superman, Oreo and strawberry crunch)! But in all seriousness, if you guys are craving some really good, high quality wings, I highly recommend Wing Snob. Go check them out, and Happy Eating Kilbourne!