Kirk Sugars Therapeutic Massage

I now work exclusively out of Heartline Wellness at 1201 Eubank NE, Suite 2, Albuquerque NM, 87112.

Most of my clients prefer to book online, but if you would like to speak with me before booking an appointment, please leave a detailed message at (505) 514-5339 and I will call you back. You can also email me at kirksugars@gmail.com

I have been practicing massage therapy since 2009 (NM-LMT License #6331). I have been a member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 2009, and have served on the board of the New Mexico Chapter. My clients are of all ages and fitness levels. Some are lucky enough to be able to see me every week, others I see only occasionally, but most of my clients are long-term. Many have recommended family, friends, and colleagues.

I find it most effective to tailor my treatments to each person's needs, which are likely to shift over time. To that end, I allow enough time for check-in and discussion before every session without cutting into treatment time -- a 1-hour massage will include a full 60 minutes on the table. Most of my treatments include deep tissue work and are full-body, but accommodations are no problem. Some of my clients have very specific requests, such as feet only, upper body only, or wish to focus on specific injuries. While deep tissue is what I am known for, I integrate modalities such as cranial/sacral, neuro-muscular technique, reflexology, and energy work as needed. I always keep in mind that I am treating a person, not just a body.

You can read online reviews of my work (verified through a third party) at this link.

About Me

I am a native of Northern California, but I have lived in Albuquerque since 1992. I recently (2015) completed a double-major Bachelor's degree at The University of New Mexico in Philosophy and Economics. I finished summa cum laude, with above 4.0 in both majors, and magna cum laude departmental honors in Philosophy. I am a slow reader (dyslexia), so I am very proud of what I achieved, and very grateful for the experience. Before attending massage school at Crystal Mountain in 2008, I had a decades-long career doing IT in the banking industry, and before that I was a professional musician, among other things. I have played chess for 35 years, played go for 25 years, and have practiced Tai Chi Chuan for almost a decade.

Duncan looks scary but he is a very sweet doberman.

New Mexico License #6331

In private practice since 2009


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