Carving By aNdrÉs king

This is the finish sketch and out lined the line with a sharpe. P.s I don't have sketch without the sharpe sorry if you want to see it.

After of doing the out lines I decided to do a shading technique that uses lines. Fun fact this is how manga artist shade there manga (and with different shades of black).

Soon after I have put it inside of easel but there was too many red lines that I have decided to make the lines thicker and this is how to turned out.

It's hard to see but there red lines in the right part of the screen. If you don't know the red lines is saying that the lines are to small so you need to make them bigger.

I remember that you can enlarge the image. (I got mad inside because I could have done that before). And because of that there was no more red lines.

By now you have been wondering why have a chosen this sketch. Well if your looking for a good story sorry there's none. To be honest this was a sketch I had made fro some friends not to long ago and I had some left over sketch so I thought why not.

Here the machine is carving ot of the drawing with a high power drill that cuts the plates (that have two colors, I choose white and blue).

As you can see this is the final step. I kind of like how ti turned out. If I could change it I would because I had a good sketch but it was my only version of it that's why I chosen this image. (If only I have noticed the printer ): *sad face)

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