Energy Healing Janice DaCosta, Reiki MastEr/teacher

What is Reiki?

Reiki is higher intelligence energy. It is a spiritual art/technique that was originated in Japan. Reiki uses palm healing (in person or distance) or hands on healing as a form of complementary therapy. It promotes stress reduction, good health, relaxation, manifestation and balance and the overall highest good.

The Role of a Reiki Practioner

A Reiki Practioner acts as a channel for Reiki to travel to the recipient. The Reiki Practioner does not drawn in energy from the recipient; nor do we push our energy to the recipient. We are merely conduits for energy to flow to the recipient. Reiki is a higher intelligence energy that will go where needed within the recipient for their highest good.

What happens during a Reiki session

Before your session begins I clear the room of any negative energy. I then use several techniques for grounding. I invoke several Reiki symbols by way of Japanese Kanji. I then set the intentions; establishing that Reiki session is for a specific recipient (via first and last name), and intentions for Reiki within the recipient. During the session i use ten hand positions over several areas of the body; seven of those ten areas being your Chakras. When the session is complete I sweep your chakras and thank Reiki.

During a session both Practioner and recipient may feel unusual sensations such as feelings of heat or warmth, "tingling" sensations, sensing light pressure and a fluid-like substance, sensing something like an electrical current, feeling light or "lightness", seeing colors, lights or images, or hearing bells ringing. If no sensations are felt that is completely normal as well; as everyone is different. Remember, Reiki is always working irregardless of sensations.

After the Reiki Session

After the Reiki session the recipient my have symptoms of tired/fatigue, physical detox symptoms, vivid dreams, and etc. Or a recipient may not experience any symptoms. There is no right or wrong in this area, and either way Reiki flowed to serve the highest good. The recipient should drink plenty of water after Reiki.

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