If I have enough time for vacation

If I have enough time for vacation

,I will visit Spain.
If I am in Spain
,I will start with Seville.
Unless I take my camera,I will buy a new one.
If I get a new camera,I can take pictures of the beautiful architecture.
If I finish visiting Seville,I might go to Ibiza.
If I visit Ibiza,I will go to the sea shore.
Unless it's cold,I will get into the sea.
If I still have time,I might visit Madrid.
If I am in Madrid, I could watch a live football match for Real Madrid
If I am in Real Madrid stadium,I might meet one of the Players in personal.


Created with images by Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar - "Time" • nathanh100 - "Map of Spain and Portugal" • skeeze - "plaza de españa seville spain" • bud ellison - from the street - "Reflected Beauty" • iskws - "2007-12-01 11-34-38OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP. E-330 023" • Anna & Michal - "Alcázar of Seville" • Michela Simoncini - "Eivissa - Ibiza" • sky_hlv - "Ibiza" • sky_hlv - "Ibiza" • Человек с Урала - "Types of Madrid" • Geordie - "football real madrid soccer" • rubenvike - "Real Madrid - APOEL (4)"

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