Russian Mafia Stole Panama City Marina plans to build Atlantic City style Casino on Gulf-Coast... Why we must stop their theft of america....

Copyright 2017@ Investigative Journalist John Burt Caylor

Panama City Florida citizens are almost up in arms after decades of theft of public assets by crooked politicians who have been bribed into giving away the reason we live in our beautiful community. God's playground of splendor we are being forced to retreat from, here are the facts:

The Panama City Marina has been reduced to a blank canvas by crooked politicians who make sure citizens can't come here and bring their families to enjoy a day at the marina. There are no restrooms, water fountains, volley ball courts, it's a blank eve sore that politicians and the Russian Mafia want to steal because they know its true value is priceless.

The Marina is in bad need of repair and is falling in as evidenced by the sea wall and structural cracks..

A ship sails away from the Panama City Marina

This is why we live here because Panama City is God's Creation a place where we can find ourselves in high spirits even on a bad day.

There is nothing worse for a resort community with the beauty and splendor of Panama City and Beaches area than to be attacked by the gangsters from Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Those gangsters and their associates came here and established First Federal Savings and loan by Andy Stein with Money First in 1986 at 144 Harrison Ave now home to Trustmark Bank and Fisher-Brown Insurance Agency both linked through corporate records and federal court testimony tied to former Panama City Mayor Gerry Clemmons, others and organized crime from New Jersey and Mississippi casinos.

First Federal was one of the nation's first savings and loans to go under in a wave of deliberate failures orchestrated by the Mafia in the 80's related to money laundering of funds from illegal drug sales in America. First Federal was the financier of Sun Bird condominiums at Panama City Beach where developer Silvia Harrison served time in federal prison and developer Fred Webb's wife testified that Clemmon's told her to make the fraudulent loans look good.

Webb's wife handwritten confession to the FBI is included in the story link above. Both Webb and Harrison were tied at the hip to James Maulden who was a pot grower and distributor. Maulen leased the Southern Elegance a floating casino ship after he obtained a lease from the Panama City Commission to dock the Southern Elegance owned by Brian Disernia of Eastern shipbuilding at the Panama City Marina to clean up the Dixie Mafia's drug money.

Maulden took his lease agreement with the City of Panama City and pledged it as collateral for loans of millions, that included City Hall and City Marina to Bay Bank and Trust. Maulden was convicted in federal court of bank fraud and money-laundering even though the FBI's Panama city case agent and his wife were both found to be on Maulden's Southern Elegance payroll.

Maulden also owned the Euroject another gambling casino ship that he docked in Biloxi and was opposed by Judge Sherry and his wife, a council-woman who were both executed by 4 bullets each to the back of their heads.

The case long thought to be solved has apparently been reopened by due to discovery that Judge Sherry's bailiff was murdered and did not commit suicide. Sherry's deputy bailiff family is from Vernon Vernon, Florida. The bailiff was with Pete Halat, then judge Sherry's partner who discovered the bodies. The Deputy was in no way involved in the murders.

In the present Lease under consideration it is believed that Penn National Gaming and others appear to be the secret backers seeking a long term lease on the Panama City Marina. Penn Gaming owns the Hollywood Casino at Bay Saint Louis, MS. and others nationally.

Among the past and possible unseen Players in the PC Marina Project, Mary Sittman appears to be playing the part of “controlled-opposition" a Russian-Mafia tactic deployed to seize control of the narrative in the media and become principal negotiator "spokesperson for the opposition" steering the public toward approval of the marina project with technical-tease, mind-boggling calculations and secret behind the scene maneuvers to ensure public acceptance of the project. Sittman has been involved with Maulden's and the now Russian Mafia's business dealing for decades.

The idea to scam and drain government funds started in the Soviet Republic of Georgia

It was first successfully used and promoted in the Soviet Republic of Georgia which established an embassy at Mobile, Alabama to implement it in the United States. The Georgian’s (Russian Mafia) successfully looted the Soviet empire using a plan of dialectical reasoning developed by Vladimir Lenin. Lenin’s Fourth Revolution idea recently gave America a Kleptocracy with the election of Donald Trump. A Kleptocracy is a government of thieves with no accountability, leadership and chaos we are seeing under the Trump presidency

The idea is to dazzle citizens with brilliance or conjecture that there are no absolute truths in order to pull off criminal fraudulent theft of government funds and valuable infrastructure. I have seen the act many times and helped investigate and drive successful criminal federal fraud prosecutions against actors Sittman has been in league with over decades. Charles L Hilton and Allan Bense are lurking in the background with others birds of that same feather.

Over decades Bay County has seen the outright blatant theft of Bay Medical Center, the Bay County Incinerator importing toxic waste, Bay County Airport and now a final run on our public marinas.

The above-mentioned entities were all taxpayer owned funded properties until the Mafia seated themselves as "fiduciary trustees," devising plans and schemes to pocket hundreds of millions in revenue and claim it as their own. They acted under color of law and used Panama City Police and the Bay County Sheriff's department to arrest, harass, intimidate citizens and journalists like myself and others who sought to copy or inspect public financial records related to their personal enrichment as Trustees.

They abused their power as Trustees to establish themselves as private collectors of hospital debts to ruin, destroy the credit history and “Blacklisted” persons who dared inquire about their self-dealings that bought political power, built banks, apartment buildings and golf courses in their names with the money they illegally collected, pocketed and stole. When patients died they seized their homes for outstanding over-inflated bills still due and sold them on the auction block with the law firm of Harrison and Sale pocketing 70% of the proceeds. They changed state laws making it illegal to publish a death certificate in order to cover up murder and theft violating the RICO Murder Act.

They made funeral home owner Greg Brudnicki a Trustee of Bay Medical Center and let him secretly run the day to day operations at Bay Medical Center. Imagine a funeral home owner with deep ties and a partnership with Russian Mafia Organized Crime and Carriage Services of Houston, TX overseeing who lives and dies. Carriage Services is a publically traded company that has seen a 429% return on investments according to their S.E.C. reports.

Brudnicki is now Mayor of Panama City pushing the Mafia’s plan to steal the Panama City Marina his tenure reeks of unabated evil that must be stopped by the FBI using 18 U.S.C. the RICO Act.

The local FBI and former FBI supervisor agents have always been a mobbed up players along with the Florida Ethics Commission and local authorities who never demand real financial statement filings as required by law.

During October 1981, at Panama City, I was undercover for U.S. Treasury BATF in an Organized Crime investigation of Tom and Lowe Smith (Dixie Mafia) who owned all the Tri-States Toyota dealerships and were importing illegal narcotics into the United States.

During the Mafia sit-down that took place at the Foxfire on Hwy 98, Santos Trafficante a "Mafia-Don" who Fidel Castro once jailed was in attendance. Trafficante is known for his suspected participation in the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

Lowe Smith (in his sixties) was known as the Godfather of Saint Andrews and married to Debbie Spring the young 22-year-old daughter of FBI Supervisor John Spring.

After the Sandy Creek Drug smuggling Murder's which the FBI planned and executed agent John Spring was transferred to be the "agent in command of the entire region" at Jacksonville, Florida to make sure the Mafia's drug and murder importation network worked smoothly without DEA and FBI interference.

During the sit-down I was exposed and kidnapped at gunpoint and held at Calvin Smith's Saint Andrews motel until I physically attacked and overcame Spike Johnson fresh from Huntsville State prison in Texas on the Smith's payroll. Bay County Sheriff Pitts deputies made sure I made it to the Alabama state line after midnight.

While laying low and hiding in the Dothan area my United States BATF case agent Bobby Sides who was investigating the Ott family of Dothan, Alabama was murdered and the Smith's sent Devant Burge a main player to murder me.

I was lucky as Devant who later gave a death-bed-confession to me of shot-gunning a man to death on orders from the Smth's in the presence of both Tom and his brother Lowe at Marianna had taken a liking to me and removed the shotgun barrel from my stomach.

I have been publishing about some of these events at my 16 year old website insider-magazine.com and during December 2016 I published a story about the FBI and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency's) drug and child sex trafficking ring run locally by former state attorney investigator Allan Johnson turned strip-joint owner and others involved in the drugs and child prostitution sale rings now under federal grand jury investigation in Virginia.

When public inquiries and media exposes were launched in the past they used legislators like Scott Clemmons the son of former Mayor Gerry Clemmons on the Mafia’s payroll to introduce and pass legislation removing those assets and entities from public view and scrutiny.

They made them islands of corruption subject to no accountability but saddling taxpayers with burden and debt of their upkeep when they failed. Charles Whitehead who died several years ago was at one time Chairman of the Florida Democratic party and was head of the (Dixie Mafia) now turned Russian Mafia.

Whitehead delivered the nation to the Bush family as planned in the 2000 election. He did so by taking over the party in 1999 and setting up the massive fraud and vote counting, quickly resigning the position in early 2000 before voting.

James Finch known as "Mr. Concrete", for killing his victims and encasing them in concrete flown over the Gulf and tossed from his aircraft is a major player importing and distributing drugs into the U.S. was a business partner to Whitehead and became heir to Whitehead's and the Mafia's estate. Mayor Greg Burdinicki recently was appointed as the sole director of that estate and Charles Whitehead Foundation, LLC. This is the Russian Mafia see the story and what I am able to reveal in "Ghost of America's past returns with Hitler's Fourth Reich."

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