North Carolina Founded 1653 seth gribble

-Charles i was born on November 19 1600. And Died on January 30 1649. Why did he die? He tried for Treason and found guilty and got beheaded.

- In 1625 Charles I became king and married Henrietta Maria He was known for having six kids with her.

--King Charles was king of three kingdoms, England, Scotland and Ireland whose authorization rule and quarrels with parliament provoked a civil war that led to his execution.

This is the st James church. And where they practice religion. It was the first church in North Carolina Colony. It was there until 1864- 1952. This increased the growth of people that visit religious places. Religious freedom was not dominated but mostly Anglicans, and babtists.
Geography in North Carolina was Fertile soil, Hilly coastal plains, forests, long rivers, and swamp areas. The weather was not difficult to survive which means it was easy. Humid summers spread disease.
Common Occupations include farming, ranching, lumbering. shipping, fishing iron mining. People always plant a lot of crops. After it was unsuccessful they began to plant indigo. They captured slaves for a primary source of labor.

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