India's Call Center By: Imani Monroe


The Indian subcontinent is the site of a civilization as ancient as any in the world. India over the centuries, has been invaded by different coutries. There population is 1,335,499,839 and still going today. Their import-partners include China (15.5%), UAE (5.5%), Saudi Arabia (5.4%),Switzerland (5.3%),US (5.2)% all in 2015. Their environments aren't the best places for kids and people to live.

When I had went to the call centers, I just said wow... These people work hard to be here right now. Some of those workers have a type of voice that is hard to understand, and they have to go to classes just to please us . Those workers come from some environments that aren't so healthy. They have to practice and learn a lot of information to answer the questions people have (no matter how hard it is).

Calling centers all over to world go through training and learning everyday. Indians come from a very populated enviorment. Some of the machines/software we ask them about,they might've not even know existed before their training. Their job gives them an impact on their life and their family. What seems to be little for us, is a big help to them.

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