Conflict In The Middle East How culture AffEcts the middle east

Table of context:

Page 1: Poems by Dylan Steigerwald

Page 2: Poems by Bryce Bender

Page 3: Documentary by Reid Hershner

Page 4: Art work by Eva schenck

Page 5: Bibliography

We all know that the Middle East is a melting pot of conflict that never seems to end. But have we ever looked deeper into what causes these conflicts? It can be confusing and hard to figure out all the different factors that tie into these complex issues. Within this magazine conflict in the Middle East has been broken down by Race, Gender, Religion, and Class. And while many of these factors overlap and tie into each other, when looking at issues in the Middle East they each individually influence conflict.

The purpose of this literary magazine is to analyze and interpret how inequality between race, class, gender, and religion, causes conflict in the Middle East. This has been done using a variety of artistic products and analysis.

Conflicts in The Middle East pop up in The Kite Runner continuously as Amir tries to bring Sohrab home. Other times that conflicts come up include Baba and Amir moving away to Pakistan because of the violence, or Hassan and his wife being killed by extremists.

In this literary magazine the readers will be presented with poetry that explains the conflicts that are caused from the inequalities of people based on their religion in the Middle East. Also there is a documentary that highlights how race inequalities cause conflict in the Middle East. Another product in this literary magazine is artwork that depicts gender inequality in the Middle Eastern countries. Finally the readers will be presented with another set of poems that describe how inequality in the class system causes conflict in the Middle East.

Poems by Dylan Steigerwald

Viva La Revolución Part One-

Viva La Revolución!

Are the words I wish I could speak.

How desperate my cry becomes,

Oh how I wish I could speak out!

Free to give egress to my thoughts.

Viva La Revolución!

What revolution can we have

If they shoot protesters on sight,

And beat those spared by the bullets?

Viva La Revolución!

How can we stand together if we have,

Not the right to assemble, nor

The assurance that we will live?

Viva La Revolución!

For generations I have cowered

In my hell hole of a hovel.

We live under the oppression of a King,

Who calls himself, El Presidente,

And those who question him,

Asking for life, liberty, and freedom,

are given oppression, captivity, and death!

The Sounds of Silence-

We cower behind walls of glass,

Treading lightly on snow

we dare not break,

for fear that if our tree

were to fall,

no one would hear it,

in our forest of Silence.

And we have learned from these long years

to stitch our mouths closed with quiet,

Embroidering them too delicately

To tear apart in our outrage.

How could We,

Whom know nothing of words,

Dare even to think of speaking?

How I wish these locked lips would move,

Or these teeth would chatter,

Or my mute tongue speak.

I am not dumb nor deaf,

Yet you would be surprised by the deafening roar

Of my silence.

Anticipating the day I grow not noiseless,

But violent!


If we have honor

And want to live

With dignity in the land,

We must go down.

And if we go down in flames,

Then so be it!

After this day,

We shall be able to

speak freely!


We march peacefully, yet you send

Men with guns to greet us!

Peace and Peace till death do us part,

Yet no peace nor freedom we have known.

You label us terrorists!

You send your police to arrest us!

You shoot at your brother!

Am I your enemy?

I asked for food, a home, a job,

But I am given bullets

To chew on,

As you smother

Me in silence.

Your tear gas and batons,

Are not enough to stop us from assembling,

And though you have made,

Democracy illegal,

We will be

Bandits of peace,

Rebels of liberty,

And thieves to steal back

What little hope we were ever allowed to have.

Viva La Revolución Part Two-

No more fear,

False promises

Hollow words,

Will not stop

This square of


Your half hearted efforts,

Will not deter our


Rehumanize now!

Obey No more!

Mourn Those who were lost,

But use their bodies as ladders

To tear down this regime.

Unionize now!

We will not be abused anymore!

How will you run your factory of death,

If we will not work!

We have united, we are Egypt, the Nile,

All this country against you.

Revolt! No tyranny shall pass!

Strike here! We will not slave away for you!

Democratize now!

All you workers, all you artisans,

All you women, you men, all you poor,

All those who have been undervalued.

We are not the rich, the aristocrats, the military, the politicians.

We are dust under their feet,

Yet we will trample over them!

We who are fire beneath their funeral pyre,

wolves at their ankles.

We will feast upon the flesh of you, our oppressors!

We grow like wild flowers,

Thorn bushes to uproot your weak foundation.

Get off your stage!


you will not stay!

You have wronged us long enough!

Your lies, have only sparked

Our Anger. We are not a movement

We. Are. A.


You have stolen our freedom,

Confusing Democracy

with Autocracy!

We will NOT go home.

You offer hands,

That hide daggers,


that hold knives.

We will overthrow!

Two hundred becomes

Two thousand, our fury you shall know.

We are a revolution.

And as you point your guns at your people,

We will not go home.


Take heart, take heart my people,

Take heart.

All that was lost is now found.

A people in the desert,

Has come into an oasis,

A spring.

Drink freely of prosperity

Take your fair share of equality.

We have laid down

Our lives and our dreams,

In exchange for a new reality,

Where we can exist in peace.

Lost upon us now

Is all thought of our forsakenness,

Our struggle, of which our bodies grew weary,

For in the face of oppression,

We now have freedom

From tyranny,

True democracy

we have established,

A new world stands before us,

We have leaped,

Into a new land

For which the people,

All the people,

Rich and poor,

May live in peace and hope,

For a brighter future.

Lo we have fought long years for this,

And lo we have lost many to the battle,

But we did not go quietly into that good night,

No, we went snarling,

A fury of hooves and claws,

To tear down and trample over

A dictatorship that had stood to long.

We are free now,

And while this fight is not over,

And there are many things still left to change,

We have won the war.

Because now that our “president” has stepped down,

Because now that we have had a taste

of the lifeblood known as freedom,

You cannot muzzle our ferocious hunger

For us to spring up, flowering into a nation,

Where all are welcome,

And free to live

Without tyranny.

Poetry by Bryce bender

We Are Not Heard

By: Bryce Bender

They do not hear us

We are passed over unseen

As voiceless as mimes

We are looked down upon

Our opinions don’t matter

We are not heard

We stand at the doors of our superiors

And plead for equality

But we are not heard

We stand together

United as one

And rampage through the streets

Demanding are equality

Demanding to be heard

But we are not heard

We remain voiceless

As quiet as a mouse

All hope is gone

Nothing will change

We will never be heard

No Peace

By: Bryce Bender

The Middle East knows no peace

And religious wars will never end.

New fights are fought,

But the the same battles remain

Outsiders will never know the pain

When the Middle East is cut up in vain.

Dictators tell us what to do

And what to not

Forced obeyance by fear and pain.

Our own religion does not accept us

For the things that we do

Then revolution rose in time.

To free us from our oppressors.

Even who we are is decided by conflict

Because the Middle East knows no peace

And this will never cease

Not Accepted

By: Bryce Bender

I am middle class

I am not accepted

I am not treated as an equal

I am treated like the poor

I am looked down upon

I have no place,

No voice,

No say,

Not even a choice

But there will be change

No matter what it takes

I will be accepted

I will be an equal

They will look up at me

Video by Reid Hershner

Artwork by Eva


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