Yearbook Portfolio Mia Jackson


This semester in yearbook, I have learned a lot about my abilities as a staffer. Although my photography skills have ample room for improvement, I have become much better at using camera angles, creating the best composition, and getting the best angle. I have gotten experience in the field throughout the semester by attending various sporting events and school functions. In being a part of the staff, I have also learned to cooperate with others on a daily basis and work as collective group to achieve the best results. Finally, I believe I've grown the most as a writer. By consistently working towards my goal of being copy editor, I have written numerous copies and captions. I have taken all criticism of my work seriously, and have attempted to improve upon those critiques as much as possible.

Taking photos at Panther Preview was one of my first assignments as a staffer, and was my first photo that became a dominant. I like the angle in which I took this photo and its composition, but the lighting could have been better.
Writing this copy taught me more than virtually any other works I have created this semester. I learned the basic format for traditional yearbook copy, and experienced the process of compiling sufficient information and quotes for the first time. If I were to write this again, I would include more specific facts about Panther Preview.
This is my favorite photo that I've taken all year. I'm very proud of how the lighting turned out, and I think the photo along with the chant makes for a great mod.
This caption, along with several others on the spread, were some of the first sports captions that I wrote. I learned how to describe certain plays and incorporate interesting facts about what happened during the game. It was challenging to find precise and accurate information to write about for each photo.
In the process of writing this caption, I encountered several roadblocks. I struggled greatly with what information to include, since the coach and the players expressed that this particular game had been relatively uneventful. I also had to get a quote directly from a teacher for the first time, so I practiced my skills at being professional and respectful.
I really enjoyed writing this extended caption, because it allowed me to reach beyond the structure of a usual caption or copy and be more creative. I had to select which facts were the most important to include, and what order I wanted them to go in.
While taking this photo and others at the homecoming game, I struggled greatly with my camera settings. It was a good learning experience for me, because I eventually got help from one of the photo editors, and realized that my shutter speed and aperture needed to be readjusted greatly.
The Panther Prowl copy proved to be an interesting assignment, since the event included a large variety of performances and students from all different kinds of clubs or teams. I had to decide what approach I wanted to take to the story, and what specific aspects of the event to discuss.
In writing captions for the Sickles cross-country meet like the one above, I struggled with becoming too repetitive and finding new background information to include in each caption. I think these captions could have been better, with more facts and numbers and less generalization.
Writing this copy proved to be a bit difficult for me, so I think there was a lot I could have improved on. Originally, I included too much opinion and not enough facts. The quotes also could have been better, and should have told more about the individual experiences of each Kiwi club member.
One of my more recent assignments was to take photos at the Latin Club car wash, and it was a great opportunity to practice my photography skills. It was unlike any other event that I have taken photos of before, so I got to practice adjusting my camera settings and getting the best angle. I'm very happy with how the photos turned out.

Next Steps

  1. Create more variety in my writing. While I spent a lot of time during the first semester improving my writing style, I think my copies and captions tended to sound very similar. Next semester I would like to work on writing captions that have a wider range of lead-ins, and work on varying my overall sentence structure in copies.
  2. Become a more well-rounded staffer. LikeĀ I said previously, I put the majority of my focus this semester on my writing. Going forward, I would like to put aside more time to work on my photography and design skills. Although I will continue to perfect my writing, I also would like to incorporate other aspects of yearbook into my daily life.
  3. Stay on top of assignments and be more timely. Last semester I had a habit turning in all my assignments at the end of the week. While I mostly made my deadlines, second semester I would like to keep on track and gradually fulfill all tasks given to me, rather than waiting till the last minute to do them all.

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