Scotty Cranmer It all changes in split seconds

Scotty cranmer is a famous bmx rider, Recently he had a life changing crash. It was a normal day for scotty and his crew he was trying to learn a new trick on a junk yard for a video. He tried a few times and failed he tried again and landed it and rode off steadily but all off a suddenly his front wheel dropped into a two foot hole and he went head first into concrete at about 20mph.

The front of his skull was shattered and and his nose began to poor out with pints of blood his best friend Big Boy ran down and help his head back to stop the blood, as his brother called the air ambulance he was rushed to hospital and went straight into theatre. They took his front skull out and sent it to a special place to get it repaired.

This is scotty when he was taken to a special hospital, as you can see he has no front skull. In this photo he had his teeth put in, He has to wear a helmet at all times. A couples months later he can stand up by himself and can walk a couple of steps.

This is Big Boy getting ready to catch scotty if he falls, He is quickly healing and will be out hopefully next month and will be back on a bike with all his friends. Go check out his youtube channel You can also donate to To help him get a speedy recovery and get back in the compositions. He says 'He will not stop trying for his subscribers and they will get him to be strong and determined.

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Ethan Butler


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