Alec Junior enjoyed Snow day March 4,2016

It was a good day so I had an idea to create this story. First, I would like to introduce my lovey doll. This doll was copied character of my husband. I gave to my husband for a gift when he visited Thailand. Second, it was the second month that I moved to USA. I've never seen snow in my life. I thought I would like to built a snow man, played ski and played snow balll's war. I actually need my husband played with me but he had to go to work. It had no time left for snow as well, the next day the snow could melt all. Finally, I decided to bring Alec junior to outside, I set him like a small human and took some photos. It was my day that I could enjoy the snow around my house without loneliness.

Snow on the branches of the tree.
Hi, My name is Alec junior.
What was my house look like?It was a beautiful white snow around my house.

The story begins...

My name is Alec junior. Today is a nice day. It has a lot snows. I love to take a picture with a snow.

Welcome! This is my house. Inside my house is very warm. I love to drink hot chocolate in the winter.

I also love sunbathing. Well, but this is my new back get a little bit freezing now. Ha ha.

But today it is better to play my pink sled.

I am ready to slide on the snow now. Go go...

Woo...wooo. It is fun. Wanna join with me?

Shall we take a walk now? Alec junior asked me

Let's go!


Oops! This is my body's print.

Look at this. These are my footprints.

Today I want to say "Hi" with the postman.

Nice sitting, huh?

By the way, thanks for taking my pics.

Postman still not come?

Hmm, still waiting him now.

What time is it now? How long have i waited?

But I will wait him i might have some letters and mailbox.

Okay, I changed my seat.

When the postman comes then he can see me easily.

That way...I will see him if he is coming.

That way, see?

I'll make sure. I can see him when he turns his car to my street.

It was 5 mins ago....not yet.

I got tired to wait the postman today. I am on the tree now. I enjoy climbing the tree at my back yard.

My day has gone very fast. I hope you have a wonderful day in the winter. Sending a big smile to you...make a wonderful day with snow :-)

The End

These photos took by iPad and digital camera

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