Prokaryote By rose gabriel

3 Examples of Prokaryotic Cells:

3. Viruses

Environment: The environment that is best suited for the prokaryotic cells is more of the extreme environments. Such as hot places or in water of high saline. Mainly in just extreme conditions.

Parts of the Prokaryote Cell: 1.Nucleoid - a region where the circular chromosome is located. 2.Plasmid - accessory rings of DNA. 3.Capsule - additional outer covering that protects the cell when eaten by other organisms, and helps the cell adhere to surfaces. 4.Pilus- A hair like appendage found on the surface of bacteria.

Difference: The difference between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells are that eukaryote cells have more than one chromosomes and prokaryotes have one. The ribosomes are larger in eukaryotes then in prokaryotes. Eukaryotes are in animals and plants cells while prokaryote cells are in bacteria and archaea.

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