Progress Entries

Week One:

Over April vacation each person was asked to do a little more research to add on to what we had come up with in the previous week. When compiling that research each person was asked to put the sources they used into a google doc specifically for sources. On Monday and into Tuesday, Jess and Lindsey began to properly cite the sources into MLA format. As of Monday April 24 we established what our blog topics were going to be and what topic each person was going to write about. During Monday's class period we decided that we wanted to have the majority of each person's blog written by Friday April 28. This would put us in a further spot where it's done, but where we can come back later in the project to finalize them. We also established what we were going to construct for our creative piece and materials we will need.

On Tuesday April 25 Jess and Lindsey finished citing the sources we had so far into MLA format. During project block we got together as a group and decided what size we would work for the map. We then traced Italy and the Papal State territories on several pieces of paper.

On Thursday April 27, we taped our map of Italy back together and planned out the rest of the creative piece. We decided who will bring supplies in and what we will be working on each day until the due date.

Left- Notes taken over April vacation, Center- Project outline that was created, Right- During project block, our group created a map that will serve as the base of our creative piece

Week Two:

On Friday we took more notes and continued to research for our blogs. We agreed to finish working on blogs over the weekend and on Monday peer edit each person's blog and start to put things into the website. We had also discussed everyone's costume situation and what everyone's plan was for either possibly making, purchasing or borrowing a costume.

Over the weekend, we started to get supplies such as clay, paint, and chicken wire for the creative piece. We had decided to bring that supplies in on Monday and start figuring and planning the creative piece. Each person was also asked to finish their blogs if not already finished.

On Monday, we started to plan out the creative piece and experimented with some ideas and methods to approach the actual project such as shaping chicken wire, covering that with clay and molding and shaping it only in smaller portions to get a general idea on what method would be best. We continued this throughout the week. We had also established that for the food portion of the project we are going to make about four different flavors of gelato. We had researched different flavors we could make and recipes that we could use without an ice cream maker. We decided that each person was going to make their own gelato for the Renaissance Faire.

On Wednesday, we got ready for the source check and organized the website so we can start adding everyone's blogs, the sources we used and our progress reports. Sources were put into MLA format and placed in a google doc that would contain everyone's sources.

On Thursday we started to construct the actual creative piece by laying down parchment paper over our traced out map and placing clay on top of it to form italy. As a group we also decided that it would be best not use chicken wire and just place the clay on the poster. To hopefully restrain the clay from drying fully we placed more parchment paper over the mapped out clay and sealing any possible crevices between it.

Left- Maryn organizing and preparing the website to add in blogs, Center- Our map of Italy along with chicken wire getting ready to shape the wire, Right- Lindsey organizing sources for Thursday source check.

Week three:

On Friday we had complications with our creative piece as it had fell apart on us. After that mishap we had to come up with a new approach to the piece. So we had used our model magic to redo the piece. We let that sit over the weekend. When we returned to school on Monday the model magic hadn't hardened it was the consistency of rubber.

On Monday we started the creative piece over again for the third time. Again we went back to the original crayola air dry clay. During Monday's class period we had constructed most of mainland Italy. We established that on Tuesday during project block we would finish the rest of the map with clay. We said that all blog posts were to be done by Tuesday to allow us time to edit and place in the website. Once the clay was to dry we were going to start placing the crosses for capitals. We had also discussed the video and getting together over the weekend to film our advertisement.

On Tuesday after MCAS we had peer edited two blogs and got ready to put them into the website. We decided based on where everyone was with their blog posts how much class time we would use for blogs. We decided to use half of the class period to work on blogs and the second half of class to work on the creative piece. We made the decision to continue working on the creative piece into project block and possibly. Lindsey started piecing together the creative piece video by adding photos in and timelapses. She also brought up thoughts about where text and audio would be placed within the video. We discussed the food portion of our project briefly (we are hoping to make gelato). What items and recipes our group would use to make/serve the gelato was discussed. During Tuesday's project block we started to paint parts of our map green.

On Thursday we finished connecting our map with clay. We made a plan to meet over the weekend to add the finishing touches to the map including painting, crosses and the Basilica. We also said that all blog posts would be finished and put into the website by Friday. During project block Thursday we met together as a group and discussed blogs, the video advertisement, creative piece video and made edits to everyone's blog posts.

Left- Maryn painting an island off of Italy, Top Right- Maryn and Lindsey smoothing out wet clay, Bottom Right- Piece of our map drying

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