RUSH HOWARD, ROLL QUACK, VOTE KWAK (and scherer & kerns) Official platform

Helloooooo Ducks! Thank you so much for checking out our platform, and we hope you seriously consider voting for the three of us as Howard President & Vice Presidents.

Now for a bit of background....

ducks unite

This is Jenna.

Hi ducks! My name is Jenna Kwak and I would love to be your president next year! I am from Seattle, WA, but for 8/12 months out of the year, I live in 200 Howard Hall with Lissie and Lauren. I am majoring in Political Science/Pre-Med with a Japanese minor. My favorite dining hall foods are spinach, perogies, and risotto! My favorite ND water fountain is at Debart 3rd floor (first floor ones not recommended) by the stairs. My favorite kind of days at ND is when I get to spend time with my favorite people, and, of course, burger nights!

Since first semester freshman year, I have been very very very lucky to be involved in Howard's music ministry! In fact, Howard Masses this year have been the highlight of my week because I get to sing and play the piano with the Veronicas, Gianna, Kim, Isabel, & Ciara! I also helped with planning retreats and Advent Day of reflections in the past!

As a team, Hannah, Lis, and I would love to emphasize the community element in Howard. We are so lucky to have all the best girls at ND in the good ol' Howard, and our focus would be to make sure that we all grow even closer as a family! Be on the look out for lake picnics, coffee hours, healthier snacks in HCs and more!

Jenna and her roommates during welcome weekend freshman year, a duck takeover of South Quad, and a potential fall P/VP pairing at last year's Howard Formal!
jenna excels at "tickling the ivories," among other things

This is Hannah.

Sup, Ducks? I would be honored to be considered as your fall Vice President, as I'll be abroad in Dublin, Ireland during the spring semester. I love Howard Hall more than most things, even more than my stock of LaCroix. Last year, I served as social commissioner, and followed that with the position of Treasurer this year (give me your receipts). I've also participated in Interhall Sports (long live Howard Basketball) (#flyingV), been on Welcome Weekend Staff, and sometimes worn the duck suit. If you notice someone at hall council making weird facial expressions, uncontrollably reacting to news, and imploring you to give her receipts, it's me.

I'm from just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota, and could not be more proud of it. If you want to be entertained for at least three minutes, ask me to say the following words: vague, bag, bagel, plague, hair binder, both, flag, dragon... really anything. I'm majoring in Psychology, and minoring in Business Economics and Journalism. I like trying to do imitations of celebrities (they're really bad), listening to fresh tunes, watching the West Wing, Justin Trudeau, sleeping, participation, and the Oxford Comma.

I am SO excited about this election, and would love the opportunity to help lead the ducks. As Fall VP, I'd concentrate on expanding and strengthening our signature events. I'd also like to design and implement a Howard bike-share system, hopefully allocating ND Day funds towards the cause. Howard has been such a meaningful part of my Notre Dame experience, and I would love this opportunity to be able to give back to such an amazing group of women.

Come visit Hannah in 235 if you have any questions!

Hannah, pictured above, loving Howard, duck hats, animal shirts, La Croix, and Notre Dame.
this is hannah's favorite comfy picture of her room

This is Lissie.

Hi Ducks!

I'm Elisabeth but I normally go by Lissie and I am running to be your Spring VP for next year! I am a sophomore majoring in Chemistry with minors in Business and Energy Studies. I'm from outside of Philadelphia, PA but in Howard I live in Room 200. Some of my favorite things include coffee, the Office, Parks and Rec, country music, volleyball and ducks.

My favorite thing about Howard is the community that I share with all of the ducks that live here. I love playing on Howard sports teams, attending Howard Mass, and simply all things ducky! In Howard, I have served as Co-Academic Commissioner, a small group leader for Howard Retreat, and a Welcome Weekend Ambassador, and I have represented Howard in the ACE spelling bee two years in a row.

As your VP, I hope to foster and grow the already wonderful community in Howard. To serve all you ducks in this capacity would mean a great deal to me and would be an opportunity to give back to the dorm that has done so much for me.

Please reach out if you want to discuss our plans for Howard or stop by Room 200 anytime just to chat!

I love my ducks!

Lis & ducks take on the worllllllld.
lissie wants everyone to know what a REAL philly cheesesteak looks like


Our campaign is built on five C's.

  1. Convenience
  2. Community
  3. Creativity
  4. Commitment
  5. Coffee


One larger, more directly physical part of our plan is to design and implement a Howard bike and scooter share program––unofficially titled HHBB––to ease ducks' mobility around campus. The kinks have yet to be worked out, but we're excited about this possibility!


While there are almost too many aspects of Howard Hall community that we already love and hold to the highest regard, we do believe there is some room for improvement. "No duck goes unknown or without help" was the drive behind two community-oriented programs. One being a beginning of the year picnic designed to connect ducks at every age beyond welcome weekend, and the second, a new program that allows Howard women to sign up to run errands, do laundry, or perform basic tasks that become a lot harder for any of our injured or sick residents.


The trend of coloring books and relaxation therapy really isn't a trend––it's a lifestyle. We believe with the stress of college and real life in general, it would be beneficial to our ducks to invest in coloring books, moon sand, or any other materials proven to aid relaxation. These tools would either be on hand 24/7, or, we'd establish "creativity hours" in the pond in which residents can relax together, not stress alone.


Not only would we be committed to you and your ideas for Howard as a community (seriously, come to us with any ideas you have, rooms 235 & 200), but we are committed to your career ambitions and advancements. However, we understand that walking to Flanner Hall can be seventeen pains-in-the-butt, so we would work with career counselors to set up time within Howard (a lower-stress environment in general) for potential resume reviews, cover letter reviews, and general career advice.


While this delicious, rich, necessary drink does push each of us through the day constantly, coffee also tends to ease conversation and bring people together. If elected, we'd use the medium of coffee to sit down with you, drink a warmly brewed cup, and talk! It could be related to ideas for Howard, the state of the nation, last week's Bachelor episode, which flavor of LaCroix you like the best, Lola, Father Jenkins, Christmas Music, normal music, where the Cubs can go from here, Antarctica, auto-locking doors, DH chicken finger superiority, and America's Sweetheart Jerry Tillery. Literally anything!

That's our platform! If you have any questions, please feel free to email,, or or visit us in our rooms, 235/200!


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