The Bark June 2019 - Issue 24

WOW! - Halfway through the year already. It seems like its flying by so quickly, luckily we have lots of interesting writing and beautiful photos to show us what's been happening.

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Jane Cahill - Editor In Chief


  • Term Dates 2019
  • Student Corner
  • A Story from the Year 1/2's
  • Wednesday Free Time
  • Supporting the Women’s World Cup
  • District Soccer Tournament
  • Sleeping Dragons and Haunted Castles
  • Whittlesea Winning Chess Players
  • Excursion to Pound Bend
  • Grade 5 Coast Camp Anglesea
  • Renovations in the Bush Classroom
  • Zoo Visit
  • Candlebark Winter Soiree
  • Grade 1/2s enjoying Art
  • Community Notices

Term Dates 2019

  • Term 3 - July 23 to September 19.
  • Term 4 - October 8 to December 18

Student Corner

Our featured student author this newsletter is Bridget Zaitzev- enjoy her wonderful story

Well it was like this… Pickle Bum the talking donkey lived in a swamp of cows with Tashi and Mia. The three friends took a stroll through the swamp and found the ruins of a castle.

“Do you think people still live in there?” said Mia.

“I know who does” said Tashi “it is Prince Prancle Bum”.

They went into the castle and met the terrible Prince. He said “Get OUT! You are not welcome here”. Pickle Bum and Mia said they need to go to the bathroom but actually they gathered the ingredients for a secret potion. When it was dinner time, they snuck up to Prince Prancle Bum and put the potion on his plate. He smelt the potion and with a blink of an eye it was gone.

Prince Prancle slowly started to grow and stretch out enormously. He spun around and around like a tornado and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The three friends said it was an interesting journey and couldn’t wait to get back to the swamp to tell everyone what they had done.

The End.

A Story from the Year 1/2's

A gorgeous story that the Year 1/2's wrote that was inspired by a Sally Morgan story.

We are the horse calmers

And the tree climbers

We are the owl gliders

The bush bashers

And the courageous campers

We are the friend makers

The door slammers

We are the base builders

And the kangaroo riders

We are the freedom fighters

And the storm survivors

We are the kindness givers

We are the Candlebark kids

Wednesday Free Time

Look at the beautiful human and animal love that goes on during Wednesday free time.

Supporting the Women’s World Cup

We had a lovely time supporting our girls at the Women’s World Cup after the Storm Boy sleepover. Thanks to Wendy P for making us all hot chocolate! It made the 5am wake up totally worth while.

- Sarah Tacconelli

District Soccer Tournament

Dixon Field, Gisborne, was witness to one of the finest achievements in modern sport, when the Mighty Mighty Candlebark boys’ team overcame the other schools in the district to become CHAMPIONS OF COBAW.

In previous years, the school had come close to matching their neighbours, so it was with more of a sense of relief and joy, rather than surprise and amazement, that the final result was savoured. The day was longer than the previous sentence, with eight matches plus some byes to rest.

The girls’ team played on some huge pitches, against all the usual suspects: St Ambrose, Our Lady, Gisborne, Woodend and a few others. They had a ball! Playing as a unit, screaming encouragement and putting in some big tackles, they scored a few, conceded a couple and were in with a shout of making the final right up to the end. There were eighteen in the squad, with lots of substitutions made, interchangeable positioning and ably managed by a Kiwi manager who kept looking for a tighthead prop…

The boys’ team showed tremendous skill and grit to do so well. It was a smaller squad than many schools, and so there were fewer substitutions to make, and more running to do. No one wanted to come off, and when they were, they were bursting to get back on! The key to the team was the rock solid defence, with Seb, Sev and Walter mobile in a back three, talking to each other and backing each other up, working tremendously together. Bryn and Henry in the midfield running and running and tackling, breaking up play, not letting the opposition look up for a pass. And Cosi in goal: if anyone did manage to finally get past the others, he was there to slam shut the door with some really top notch goalkeeping. On the wings there was a rich variety of players: Will, Liam, Red and Mace. All fast, all skilful, all keen. They ran their legs off until they were pulled off, exhausted or not. Feeding on these boys' ability up front there was a selection of Zayn, Oscar, Ned and Sasha, playing in various combinations, terrorising defences with their skill, hunger and eagerness to score. They all played tremendously: Oscar putting himself about and scoring goals, Zayn tackling back and setting up, Sasha playing through balls and Ned.

Ned deserves a mini-paragraph for the skill he showed, thanks to the endless practice he puts in. And when it came to the crunch, when it came to the day’s final against the perennial winners Woodend, it was Ned who stepped up and curled the winner into the top corner from 25 metres out. It takes a team to win, but it helps to have a bit of icing on top. I’m not sure that works, but you know what I mean.

When the final whistle went after the longest five minutes left, all the girls and all the boys there for the day, went proper mental, and ran onto the pitch to celebrate one of the finest days in Candlebark history!

Look out for the next update: Castlemaine Division here we come!

- Written By Andy Moffat

Sleeping Dragons and Haunted Castles

Grade One and Two drawings and paintings.

Whittlesea Winning Chess Players

Excursion to Pound Bend

The Grade 1/2s went on an excursion to Pound bend last week to explore the sacred site of the last Wurundjeri corroboree.

Grade 5 Coast Camp Anglesea

11th – 14th June, 2019

My favourite moment was when we had funny conversations at night and morning, we stayed at Eumurella Scout Camp. It was beautiful and full of hidden places.

- Seb

My personal favourite moment was the canoeing. I was in a canoe with Darcy and we had to be really careful because she forgot her water proof hearing-aids. I like it because it was calm and the scenery was amazing. There was an awesome island in the middle of the river and everybody kept crashing in to the reeds surrounding it.

- Amelie

On surf camp we went rock pool rambling. We brought the soccer ball with us. Red passed it to Elsie, who kicked it back…. but with a whoosh it went into the ocean. Sarah almost dived in to retrieve it, but a wave came and washed it in. That was my favourite moment from camp.

- Darcy

I liked it when we were at the beach with the sun setting, and the waves crashing, and the sand between my toes.

- Tabby

My favourite part of surf camp was the surfing! And finding the shell of the herbivore snail.

- Anonymous

I thought that the hour long walk to the beach was worth it! It was super fun when the waves came crashing and we just kept jumping in. The surfing was fun because it was the first time I’ve been and the feeling of standing up made me proud.

- Ava

I liked how we jumped in waves. Elsie and I were in a canoe, and we crashed like one million times! I love how we learnt about rock pools too."

- Eleanor

Our funniest moment on camp was the sand building competition. Laiyke said it was very, very good as his imagination went wild. And so did mine. So me, Laiyke and Zayn we came first place in the competition, we were so happy! We built an ancient civilisation with eaves, vents and lots of sand.

- Will

My favourite thing that happened was probably canoeing and surfing. I like canoeing because we had different obstacles like under bridges, turning around sharp corners and going backwards. I liked surfing too because you would have different types of waves. Also, I liked it because you can stand up on the big waves!

- Anonymous

It was really fun when we went surfing and the wave was pushing you and then you finally stood up and everyone was cheering. I loved it. On the first day we went on a walk to the beach from our cabin, when we got there all the girls were jumping in the waves and we got all our clothes wet. Also really fun.

- Eleanor.

Renovations in the Bush Classroom

Connor, Woody, Silas & Rory enjoying the Board Games sleepover

Zoo Visit

The Preps and Homestead 3/4 group went to the Zoo on Monday 24 June to visit some very special animals. It was such a great day with the sun out and the blue sky and the amazing dinosaur puppets came out to play.

It included the enormous long neck hanging over the trees, blinking at kids, moving around and opening and closing its mouth. The speakers nearby provided amazing dinosaur sounds!! The puppets all had great character and personality!

A human was inside the green creature called Minmi, and came to children for strokes and pats. What a beautiful adventure it was.The older kids were beautiful buddies to preps and we had a wonderful day seeing the dinosaur puppets.

Candlebark Winter Soiree

Rehearsals - ironing out all the kinks
Just look at those adorable Preps!
It Will Be Alright On The Night

Grade 1/2s enjoying Art

Community Notices

Dearest Candlebark community,

Kai O'Kuhl, who is currently a year 9 student at Alice Miller and an ex-Candlebarkian is trying to fund-raise to afford to go on THE BIG TRIP from Warsaw to Berlin. He has come up with the idea to sell his very prized and beloved books. They are in impeccable condition he has such titles as Rick Riordan's entire Gods and Greek series, Percy Jackson, Magesterium and many more. You are welcome to come have a cuppa, a treat and have a look at this beautiful collection. We are selling them at a fraction of the cost! We preferably would like to sell them before July!

Yours Truly, Della (Kai's Mum).

My number is: 0422652688

Email: dellajane_@hotmail.com

Macedon Ranges Council School Holidays Activities

Looking for something to entertain the kids these holidays, check out some of the activities the Macedon Ranges Council have going on over the next little while.

Mittagundi’s Annual Melbourne Dinner

Wednesday 9th October

Join us at Mittagundi’s Annual Melbourne Dinner on Wednesday 9th October. A chance to meet with new and old friends as well as hear from our Directors about their first year at Mittagundi. Held at the West Brighton Club, Brighton. Bookings are essential. RSVP by 2nd September. $90 includes 3 course sit down dinner, beverages and some great company.

Cost of the Workshop is $125 concession, and $165 full payment (payment plans are available).

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