Butter Up! Or Down! orrrrrr TACO!!!!! Nicole Tranchemontagne

It is largely known, and for the most part accepted, that when buttered bread falls, it lands with the buttered side down. The reason for this is usually attested to be the direct will of god. However, recent studies (most significantly the one by Mr. Hale and Mrs. Dudgeon's Block 1 Roots of Thought Honors class) have proven that God himself decided to change things up a bit.

Buttered bread does not, in fact, only fall butter side down, but also falls in other directions. 33 percent of the time butter side up, and 33 percent of the time a strange new way of falling known only as The TACO.

But just remember, God is all powerful and omniscient and therefore he is allowed to change the rules. Just because one tiny bit of life is a little different does not mean that God does not exist, and that you will not reach salvation.


Created with images by lou_zeni - "breakfast bread butter" • Taken - "bread bread and butter butter"

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