Middle East News basped

children in egypt are not getting the education they need this happened on february 6 2017 in egypt

the sunset by the sea in egypt
the camel is the most common animal in egypt

ancient structures

morocco is the number one producer in argan oil this happened on march 2nd 2017 in morocco

this is people in the making of argan oils

the fruit of the argan oil tree

examples of the food they cook with argan oils

the third bomb struck in kabul afghanistan this happened on september 5th 2016 in afghanistan

the bombs


Created with images by M1key.me - "Ad Deir" • Pexels - "baby girl egypt egyptian" • D-Stanley - "Sphinx" • Edgardo W. Olivera - "Pirámide de Kefrén, Giza, Egipto" • tripandtravelblog - "Gamassa, Egypt" • jarekgrafik - "egypt ancient archeology" • auntmasako - "egypt aswan abu simbel" • tomaszd - "IMG_9527.jpg" • oceanverde - "argan fruit oil" • goodiesfirst - "the elm short rib, argan oil, heirloom carrot, pl sauce" • skeeze - "atomic bomb nuclear weapon fat man" • euthman - ""Fat Man" Nuclear Bomb Mockup" • shurik - "nuclear bomb war"

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