Presentation Mia Muse

Mathew Brady

Tristin McDonnel

Mathew Brady reminds me of my mom because my mom had a passion for photography since she was little. My mom takes pictures of all our important events. She has a passion for photography like Mathew Brady did.

Stonewall Jackson

Dawn Swan

Stonewall Jackson reminds me of my Uncle Jerry. He is like a "stone wall" for the family. He is brave and protects us.

Clara Barton

Bailey Tipton

Clara Barton reminds me of my third grade teacher, Mrs. Chigola. Mrs. Chigola always cared for us and she supported us. Clara Barton was a nurse and a teacher.

Dorothea Dix

Abbey Sarver

Dorothea Dix reminds me of a Medal of Honor recipient, who is also a family friend, named Hiroshi Miamira. He was put in a concentration camp during World War II. Once his camp was liberated, he came back to the USA. Hiroshi told me about how terrible the camps were.

Rose O'Neal Greenhow

Lexie Archuleta

Rose O'Neal Greenhow reminds me of my grandfather. Even though my grandfather was not a confederate spy, he had the same work ethic as Rose. They both work hard and don't let things get in thier way.

Emeline Pigott

Anjo Cunningham

Emeline Pigott doesn't remind me of anyone in particular. She has her own mind and spirit.


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