Paly World Fest 2019 Paly's Holi Festival and More

Colored dust was thrown by students at the Holi Festival during tutorial on the Quad. “We’ve made sure to find non-toxic powder that would abide by the guidelines and the laws of the district," senior ASB member Noor Navaid said. "So it wouldn’t be toxic, it wouldn’t stain, it wouldn’t hurt the environment. They’re very eco-friendly and very safe for the skin, and safe for clothing for the most part. … It definitely adds a bit of color and energy to the campus.”
“It was super fun. I got to throw paint [powder] at all my friends. It was wild. There was a lot of throws and there was a lot of mosh pits.” — sophomore David Evans
"I just dunked colors on a bunch of random people, and it was just overall really great," sophomore Ilayda Turgut said.
“It looked fun, and it seemed like a good event to do and get colorful.” — sophomore Addie Glenwright
Senior Laviena Pelesikoti performs a Polynesian dance during lunch on the Quad.
A variety of cultural food and games were available for students to try during lunch. Some included Mahjong, Gaga Ball, Jegichagi, Kendama, and la lotería. According to sophomore Antonia Mou, Mahjong is not hard to learn or play. “I’m from Mahjong club, and we’re representing Asian culture because Mahjong is a game that’s played all around Asia, and there are a bunch of different versions and stuff," Mou said. "I got my parents to teach me around middle school. ... I usually don’t play for money, but if it’s like Lunar New Year or something, maybe I’ll play for money. I think it’s really easy to learn. It might be a little harder if you don’t know Chinese, but it’s pretty easy to get the hang of it."
“We have set out what’s called La Lotería, which is basically 'The Lottery' in English," senior Jennyfer Avila-Zavala said. "It’s a Latin American bingo game, and it has a bunch of images on the bingo cards. They’re in Spanish, and they include certain things like the heart and the sun and the palm tree, certain things that you would see in Latin America and that are kind of important in Latin America. … The point of the game is to say and set out the cards very fast to confuse the players, and then when they get a row, either diagonal, or straight across or vertical, then they win a prize."
Members of ASB serve crepes and cream puffs on the Quad to passing students. Senior Noor Navaid said the Paly World Fest was meant to celebrate the many different ethnicities at Paly. "This was kind of a day to celebrate the culture and diversity on our campus," Navaid said. "So for example, we have events such as performances ... and activities for students to participate on the Quad. Essentially the goal is to just make each community feel celebrated.

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