Wake Up! By Shooter Jennings

Black Ribbons

2010 | Rock

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“And they'll try to turn me against you, so divided,we'll turn to them. -- Because anything strong cannot be conquered from without before first being conquered from within."


  • Waylon Albright "Shooter" Jennings is the son of the legendary Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter.
  • In high school Jennings fronted KilRaven an industrial rock band for his high school's talent show.
  • In 1996, Jennings and his father recorded the album Fenixon together. Initially no label was interested. It was later released by Jennings' label Black Country Rock in 2014.


Luke Tatum

This is some serious red-pilled Tangerine Dream-y goodness right here. At least, until things get heavy. Not biting the hand of the cruel recalls some juicy KMFDM we've featured previously (but then again, I always take the conversation there when I can.) This may be my favorite description of the divide and conquer tactic: "And they'll try to turn me against you; So divided, we'll turn to them." We see this playing out in real time, all around us, on a daily basis. And yet, thanks to our bar-coded public-educated existence, we are numb to this. Most of us, anyway. It's encouraging to think about how many are becoming aware of these things, but it can be discouraging when you consider how many people we still need to wake up. But hey, maybe this song can help!

Sherry Voluntary

To me Shooter Jennings is one of the few “legacy” musicians that has really gone his own way and become a noteworthy musician in his own right. I like some of the others too, but knowing what I do about the music industry, I don’t know that they would be as well known without their famous parents. Unfortunately, talent alone does not always equal success. Thankfully musicians have the internet. That aside, this song is really good. Is it just me or does Shooter sound like Bowie? Anyways, I really love the line “Life is a movie,we are all actors / Don't let them edit you out.” I feel this sentiment deeply. After only a little over two years of political activism, I have to push myself to remain in the fight pretty frequently. I often just get so sick and tired of the same old arguments and vitriol of some, from without and within, that I want to just throw in the towel and let be whatever will be. I can’t though. My son asked me just this morning why It even matters what individuals think, and why I work so hard to change their minds. My answer was that individuals are what make up the masses, and even if we are never able to turn the tide of tyrannical government, we will at least put up a fight. I, for one, refuse to be edited out! Who’s with me?

Nicky P

Here we have yet another song dedicated to imploring us to look at the mechanisms of control that have been implemented so far. The stories they choose to show us or edit from the television screens and the newspapers. The history they choose to teach us in school. Each of these avenues of information is purposefully curated. If pressed they'd likely say its for our safety and play the patronizing father figure. What's odd to me is that these are the elements that receive so much support from the more left-leaning elements of society and yet it is these very aperatcha that embolden and empower the elements they want to take down. Too many people still seemed to be wrapped up in the collect power game and ignore the truth behind the destroy power game.

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Nicky P