Being a Caregiver Cedar Hopkins

There are many different kind of ways to take care of people
The first is a Senior Center. This is a place where older people can be involved in many activities and other events. Most the time they provide meals.

Senior Centers sometimes provide transportation.

Visitors are always welcome and often come visit the elderly.

Telephone Reassurance Programs- "staffed by volunteers who regularly call older people who are alone."

Place like Meals-on-Wheels will deliver homemade food to older people.

A Gatekeeper is someone that should notice any difference in elderly people and if they do they need to report it so that person can receive help.

Organizations will provide nursing care, medical treatment, and therapy in the home.

Most older people have mechanical devices that they can use to call for help if they cannot reach the phone or other device.

There are Adult Day Care programs that provide health care, social activities, meals, therapy, and transportation.

There is also programs that give the caregiver a break.

The facilities provide care 24/7

Hospice Care is special care for someone that is dying.



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