Society in Southeast Asia & Brahmanism

In the first millennium B.C.E. the caste system arose in Southeast Asia for the first time. The caste system is a system of social rank within the society. Individuals are assigned to the rank and born into. There is no social mobility of climbing from poverty to becoming wealthy. Leading at the top of the caste system was the Brahman priests. And as it trickles down to the warriors, merchants and land owners, to the servants and untouchables in the last classes.

The Caste System and The Consequences

Although at the time the caste system was viewed as a promising way to control a country. However, within the society in the lowest class the "untouchables" are a group of doomed individuals bond to a world of poverty. In the caste system there is no mobility. A person cannot move into a higher rank based off hard work and personal achievement. This is when corruption took place, the priests (highest class in the caste system) had absolute control.


This is an important symbol in the India religions. It is called the "Om".

Brahmanism is an interesting ideology. As early thinkers the Aryans created this fundamental religion based on there beliefs. The religion it self questions the very nature of reality. They began to wonder in what is there own consciousness and the basis of the entire existence of being. Questioning all that is real, even in this early times ancient civilizations has been trying to find an answer, yet even currently we sometimes ask ourselves the same thing. As a being we are curious and intelligent starting with the beginning of our species.

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