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Trupti Jain from India is the co-founder of Naireeta Services. She invented an innovation called Bhungroo, that has been developed with the help of women farmers, where traditional knowledge and wisdom help us to innovate this technology at the ground level. Women’s participation in technology is very important.

In 2018, Trupti was one of the winners of the Gender Just Climate Solution Award. This is a yearly event at the UNFCCC Climate Summit, organized by WECF International and the Women & Gender Constituency.

Trupti Jain works in Gujarat state, India, which is prone to short periods of heavy rains and flooding, followed by long droughts. Many farmlands have become waste lands. In Gujarat state the agricultural sector is flooded with problems. One is that agricultural land is affected by droughts. The second problem is that women farmers don't have land rights. And the third problem is that local farmers are not aware of a lot of technological innovations happening all over the globe.

Tackling the severe impacts of excessive rain water

Trupti Jain combined women’s leadership with low cost and sustainable technology to tackle the severe impacts of excessive rain water from storms. This technology protects groundwater via a filtration system and increases soil fertility by reducing salinity. The units conserve 1 to 4 million liters of runoff water and can irrigate 22 acres during the dry season. While women still do not own the land, by owning the technology they help their community double their harvest which in turn has a tremendous impact on their role in the community as decision-makers. Since 2011, more than 3500 units have been installed in India and also increasingly abroad; in Ghana, Vietnam and Bangladesh. Each installed Bhungroo provides food security for 30 to 100 people, generating an additional income of about USD 5700 per year.

“When marginalised women mobilise around an innovative technology, it improves their resilience and restores their dignity." – Trupti Jain
Why is irrigated agriculture so important?

Trupti explains the meaning and importance of Bhungroo like this: "Bhungroo means "straw" in our local language. It is a simple pipe that allows storing excess water in underground aquifers, and then using it for irrigation during droughts. Women farmers work together in self-help groups, they can manage one Bhungroo collectively. Thus they are able to transform their lives. It's my dream that each and every woman who is contributing in the agricultural sector should be recognized”.

Results of Bhungroo
  • Food security and sustainable livelihoods for 50 thousand marginalized farmers. 
  • From local to global: 32 franchises established in 5 countries with a goal to reach 5 Million beneficiaries.
  • Reduction of extreme poverty: family income raised up by 500% in 5 years.
  • Coastal zone adaptation and water protection model.
  • Over 8000 acres of agricultural land irrigated without over-exploitation of ground water.
  • 121 trained women climate leaders.
"Women’s participation in technology is very important. My innovation, Bhungroo, has been developed with the help of women farmers, where traditional knowledge and wisdom help us to innovate this technology at the ground level.” - Trupti Jain

What's so special about Trupti's project?

This unique affordable technology reduces water salinity via a filtration system, warding off desertification. Each unit can store up to 4 millions of litres of flood water and irrigate around 22 acres in dry season. Constant technical improvement and support from provincial authorities have allowed to standardize the units and lower investment costs.

The women co-owners are trained to build and maintain the systems. With double harvests and incomes, and through their role as Women Climate Leaders, they are empowered to take part in community governance.

Our Solutions

Women bear an outsize burden of the global warming crisis, largely because of gender inequalities. They are often ones who work in the fields or at home and are the first victims of drought, flood or climate-related disasters. At the same time, women and their organizations can play a fundamental role as producers of food and as consumers of energy and water and hold the key to change in the fight against climate change.

That is why we want to provide space for the stories of inspiring champions in the field of gender equality and the fight against climate change and environmental pollution.

With this in mind, we organize, together with the Women and Gender constituency, an annual Award ceremony during the global climate negotiations, the Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards, where we identify the most outstanding grassroots climate actions that have women leadership and promote gender-equality. We know the solutions to a more sustainable future already exist – and it is time to showcase them and demand change!

Impact of the Award for Trupti and Naireeta Services

In 2018, Trupti won the award with her technical solution. During the 2019 awards ceremony, at the Climate Summit in Madrid, she told the new winners how she had used the prize and the accompanying mentorship workshop to further develop the program: “The Award and its mentorship inspired a new business model for accessing our water collecting technology. We have now applied a new pricing policy, taking into account customers’ financial capacity to pay. This new policy enables smallholder farmers to overcome financial barriers and upscale the dissemination of the technology”.

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