Levani Mana'olana Ke-Leibner 2nd trimester 2016-2017

My hopes and dreams were to learn cursive. We didn't do it in the second trimester. Now in the 3rd trimester we learned a little bit of cursive. Another hope and dream was to have a fun and safe year.
This is my cursive i's.


In the 2nd trimester we learned about fables. We learned about fables and about theIr morals and wHat The morals meant. Then, We cHoose a partner and a fable. My partner was ShAy. Then, we practiced our fables for Lamakū (Spech Festival).

Shay and I did the "Fox and The Grapes"!
This is my fable response

I read 17 books in the 2nd trimester. My 3 favorite books are Anne Of Green Gables by Lucy Montgomery, Moana by Suzanne Francis and Who would win Killer Whale vs. Great White Shark by Jerry PallotTa.

I really enjoyed reading Anne Of Green Gables because I felt happy and I knew what the book talking about because I watched the movie. My goal for the next trimester is to log my books down when I finish the book. I will meet my goal by logging books down first thing in the morning and at dear time. I can do it right after I finish the book.


In wRiting we did OUR INFORMATIONAL writing pIece. I wrote about pauahi. I wrote aBout her family, her schooling and other interesting facts.

This is my writing piece

My goal in writing was to write more Paragraphs in my writing. I achieved my writing goal by writing about something I know a lot about so I could right more. My biggest obstacle was my table keep on talking and distracting me. What I did well was I put of iNfOrmation in my writing. I learnEd that i caN trulY write moRe. I need to work on adding more details. My goal is writE more detailed.


In the 2Nd trimester we learned mUlTiPlIcAtIoN and DIVISION. We did sprints of MULTIPLICATION and DIVISION. I wEnt all the way through. I didnt improve because i got all Of it done.

My sprint paper

Here is a picture of somthing i'm good at in math. I am good at this because i knew how to do multiplication in nUmber bonds.

My goal in math was to woRk more on my word problem. I didn't work toward my goal. My biggest obstacle was i didn't have time. the biggest help along the way was the test because it was like practice because it had word problems.

Social Studies

When we learned about economics we went to target, the farmer'S market and then we did our maket day. Here's a slideshow of all huaka'IS.


In music we learned our christmas concert songs. Witch were "Three dogs of christmas and Silver bElls". I likeD siver Bells better because the boys eHcoed the girls.

This the Christmas 🎄 Concert!!


In sCience were tRying to get the tiger out of the mole. The tiger iS stuck. We need to knoW the weight, the size and other information.

Paige and I made all these machines


In S.T.E.A.M

Mahalo for coming to my to my Student-Led Conference. 😊 Do you have any questions??

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