Mustard Gas By Aubrey jones

What is mustard gas?

Mustard gas is a deadly, very dangerous weapon that was brought to World War 1 by Germany in September of 1917. Another name for mustard gas is Yperite.

Mustard gas, or yperite, is a yellow smoke that is contained in an artillery shell. It is almost odorless. There is a slight garlic scent but sometimes, you can't tell it's even there.

When mustard gas surrounds you, the air gets heavy and it is hard to breath. Several hours after exposure to mustard gas, blisters form on the inside and outside of your body.

The purpose of mustard gas..

Yperite inflicts serious injury on the opponent and remains potent weeks after being first released. Mustard gas infected trenches.

This deathly weapon reminds us how dangerous World War 1 was and how much the soldiers suffered.

{gas masks}

Gas masks were used in World War 1 but they did not fully protect your body from the harmful chemical. Once soldiers realized that they were being surrounded by mustard gas, they would take out their gas masks and put them on their face, hoping it would keep them alive. The gas masks were definitely not high tech and nowhere near to perfect, but they spared a lot of lives.

Mustard gas is banned today but it is showed from the fighting in Syria that people are using the chemical again.

Mustard gas being used today.



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