Number the Stars Book Diary By Obed


I think that war is something you fight for or you wont something that some won else has.

In World War ll, people in those countries probably felt scared, sad, and frightened,


I think that my neighbors are good because sometimes they are helpful.

If there was a war going on and my neighborhood was affected, I would realistically respond by helping my neighbors by going down to a bunker and they will bring food, water, and clothes.

Number the Star

I think that the theme is on 1800. It seams that the Conflict was that people were fighting for resource because if you have a lot of resource you can give it to people and to the people that are fighting in the war.

Literary Analysis

Mama says, "Be one of many." I think this means that you have be or act like the germany because if act like the germany they wont think that you are going to go aginst then. I think that she said this because if they remember your face the keep a close eye on you just in case if you are going to go...........

What would it look like for Denmark and/or the Johansens to be a bodyguard for the Jews

I think that if they were trying to help the Jews than they would have to be good at doing it because if you get caught then there would be trouble

1 In chapter 3 Annemaria felt scared because she does’t wont her best friend to be cature and set away some were.

2 I think that Annemaria felt the same way all most because she was scared and she protect her friend from the German.

3 I think that Annemaria relationship with her friend is that she cares about her friend and she doesn’t wont her friend to be catured by the German and that seems that Annemaria really cares about her friend and that she would protect her friend.


We just read about how they are sending the jews to sweden to be safe from the germans. After all of they drop a important book so now Annemarie has to take the book to them but then the Germans came with a dog.

I think that she going to pretend she is a silly girl gust trying to bring food to her uncle but she is going to be a bit scared because she knows that the book is important.


Man vs Nature

A scene where there was man vs nature in Number the Stars is when Annemarie mom trip over a root of a tree, and she twisted her foot because she ran fast and didn't know there was a root there sticking out. Annemarie mom learn not to run so quick because she has to be carful where she is walking. I knew this was a type of conflict because a tree is a part of Mother Nature.

Man vs Man

A part is when the Resistance are going against the German because the german what all of Denmark jewish but the Resistance got a plan to smuggle the Jewish across the sea to Sweden so they can have peace. The Resistance learned that it wasn't going to be easy to smuggle the Jewish to Sweden because some of then could be captured. I knew this was a type of conflict because there are people going against each other.

Man vs self

Uncle Henrik is a example of Man vs self because he doesn't take care of him self the house is dirty and he has a loose step and with that loose step Mr. Rosen trip on it and lost something important. So uncle Henrik lerend to take care of him self because if he docent take care of him self bad things can happen. I know this was a type of conflict because this was man vs self

Man vs cummunity

A scene where there was man vs community is when Denmark dosen't want the german to come but they have no choice so they surrender to the german because if the put up a fight they are going to lose so they surrender but some Denmark people join the resistance. The Denmark people learn that there is hope that one day they could be free from the german. The type of conflict is man vs community because there where a group a people.



Brave mean not to fear a something. The book shows it in the begging of book is when Annemarie was ruing but one of the german solders stop her in her way so she acts brave and shows no fear of them. And at the end Annemarie had to be brave again because the nazi can


Lanky and stocky

"She was a stocky the-year-old, unlike lanky Annemarie." (page 1)

Based on this sentence, stocky sounds like the word stiff, and lanky sounds like the word loose. These words are describing character's looks.

Lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means bulky or thickset

Suffix:-y, relating to or filled with; Other words: messy, cheesy, lucky







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