7 Elements of Art Poems By: Rezelle Bustos

Space- Embrace the beauty of this earth, seems unreal, though it's the creation of mother nature
Texture- Lay it across the white sandy beach, use it as a cover for your body, feel the silky cloth against your skin, hawaiian pareo sarong
Shape - Be yourself, accept yourself, LOVE yourself or no one will
Form - Keep your things safe, store your valuables away, your most important treasures in a chest
Color - Light blue like the sky, Bright green like the leaves, Dark blue like the ocean, Bright yellow & orange like the sun, differnt shades of pink & purple like flowers, all apart of nature
Value - Turn on the light to make it bright, then the darkness of your shadow covers, when something gets infront of it
Open the blinds, let others see you or close them & be hidden forever

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