My Madrid and Barcelona Story by LORRAINE mACKIEWICZ

High presence of Coca Cola brand outside of restaurants indicates product sponsorship. I did not see any Pepsi products on the trip, and confirmed with Pau that the Coke brand is very strong in Spain.
Luxury brand advertisement in lower-class Lavapies. An example of gentrification in the neighborhood that looks very out of place in the middle of a graffiti wall.
Despite the rainy weather on our commute to Segrada Familia, the church was a magnificent sight to see. The Gothic architecture of Gaudi is incredibly ornate and detailed. I will be amazed by the final product whenever it is actually completed!
Beautiful Barceloneta bike tour exploration right on the beach. This part of the neighborhood is much more modern in comparison to the more lower-class area in the inner parts of the neighborhood.
Delicious traditional Spanish tapas and paella from various places in Barcelona and Madrid. Potatoes, meats, and cheeses are common staples in Spanish cuisine.


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