IAC Boston 2019 Our Year in Review

We are so proud of our volunteer-led activities. Everything we do is powered by our 260 wonderful volunteers.
June 2, 2019 - Celebrate Israel with Koolulam brought 2,200 members of the Boston Jewish-Israeli-American community together at the House of Blues for an experience of a lifetime!
Shishi Israeli is the IAC community wide event at which Israeli and Jewish Americans share an uplifting experience around the Shabbat dinner table. IAC Boston held 23 Shishi Israeli events during 2019 with more than 2,600 participants in four locations: North Shore, MetroWest, Lexington and Newton.
In 2019, Shishi Israeli started a new tradition - Shishi Israeli Tzofim - for families with kids in the Israeli Scouts. The first event was attended by 20 families and focused on 3rd-5th graders.
Gvanim, an IAC leadership program for Hebrew speakers, is designed to give participants tools to build community, enhance the identity of the next generation and connect to the Jewish American community through volunteer-led initiatives. The 6th cohort of Gvanim is now in session.
In late 2019, EDGE Boston, our program for young Jewish-Israeli-American professionals, kicked off its series of intimate gatherings, during which the attendees can network with peers and hear talks by different leading industry experts. The first two EDGE events attracted a total of 55 attendees with three more events planned for 2020.
IAC Mishelanu provides a home for Israeli-American students to become a living bridge between Israel and the campus communities. Over the past year, we have worked with eight Fellows at 4 Boston area campuses and hosted 17 group meetings and campus-wide events that attracted hundreds of students.
In 2019, 34 teens in grades 9-12 participated in the Eitanim program, which enhanced their connection to Israel and to Jewish values by having them work on projects that empower them to cultivate a mindset of entrepreneurship, innovation, critical thinking and problem solving under the guidance of community volunteer mentors.
In June, IAC Boston held its first ever Eitanim Hackathon, with 45 teen participants, including a delegation from Moona-A Space for Change initiative in Israel.
For the younger students, Noar Tzair Bamerkaz features fun activities targeting Israeli-American and Jewish-American teens and tweens. In 2019, we hosted 3 events with a total of 150 participants. Noar Tzair was initiated and led by three Gvanim alumnae volunteers.
Keshet is a children's movement for the 4-8 year olds, and is designed for Israeli and Jewish American young families interested in creating a positive and meaningful connection for their children to Israeli culture, Jewish heritage and the Hebrew language. Keshet Boston has two groups with a total of 20 children.
In November, almost 200 kids and parents enjoyed "Hanan Haganan" theater show from Israel.
Our activism work continues to grow. The Boston Media Room is our flagship program to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activity in our community.
Throughout 2019, the Boston Media Room created four major content campaigns on social media, reaching more than 225,000 people online and over 50 missions for the ACT.IL mobile app, engaging over 34,000 online activists and helping remove over 214 incidents of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement.
In 2019, IAC Boston and the Newton Public Schools held two productive and positive meetings with the faculty and staff of both high schools. These meetings were attended by 40 Newton parents.
In 2019, IAC launched the "Women in Tech" series together with ICON - Israel Collaboration Network. Each event showcases local community tech professionals who share their journeys and lessons learned throughout their careers. The two events held so far, both of which were held in Israeli-owned tech firms, attracted 80 attendees.
The "Rivkaleh and Friends" initiative was re-launched in 2019 and provides support to women after birth. We also held a series of five baby massage workshops for young mothers.
We held our annual end-of-Passover Mimouna Celebration which was enjoyed by 200 participants and put together by two amazing volunteers.
This year we held two special events for our Empty Nester community, which were attended by close to 200 people. This initiative was led by one of our community volunteers.
In April, we held a Family Portrait workshop, which was attended by 30 families, with artist Chanoch Piven.
Every year, we visit the Golda Meir House as part of our Good Deeds Day with our volunteers and childrens' Israeli folk dancing group.
Gvanim Limmud meets up once a week at Merkaz IAC and bi-weekly in Lexington to read and discuss the weekly Torah portion. This project is led entirely by volunteers and Gvanim alumni. In March 2019, Gvanim Limmud held a special Purim event which was attended by 100 people.
Throughout the year we hosted a series of conversations with high profile speakers. Over 420 people attended these engaging discussions.
Israeli journalist Ben-Dror Yemini briefed 85 members of our community about BDS and the Middle East conflict.
Rami Sherman, one of the heroes of “Operation Thunderbolt,” talked about the planning and execution of the 1976 raid on Entebbe and shared the lessons learned.
Our Yom Ha'atzmaut Party for adults was attended by 300 people who danced the night away Israeli-style at a nightclub in Boston.
Our Annual Purim Party - a uniquely Israeli-Jewish-American fundraiser - attracted 300 people to the Royale Boston for a lively and fun 80s-theme Purim party and helped raise the funds to operate all of our Boston programming.
The 2019 IAC National Summit was attended by 160 members of our community that were part of the Boston delegation to the event in December 2019 in South Florida.