HEATED: 101 BY The Fire Marshal NYC


To identify and define the safety, form and finesse in fire and heat based kinky play.

Comparing multiple techniques to illustrate a basic flow in hopes that you develop a signature of your own -- this course is completely hands on for both parties and we will discuss its introduction from mild to wild.


We have heard the cry for in-depth teaching and wish to provide a solid foundation for further exploration with in this kink form.

We predict each class will apply ease for all auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners interested in such kink, enabling you grounds of empowerment.


Lastly, we included snacks and beverages throughout the course. We will be in a secure and private venue in the cities downtown area for total convince. this course provides and includes all materials needed for both parties and a small number of like minded folkx to network. You will be able to indulge at ones leisure with said skills -- eagerly, confidently and safely.

In all, this will be an informative, intuitive and fun, with other classes to follow per your choosing.

Event Work

Photos by BlackJesus of NYC, Edits by BobbyBLVXQ
Photos by Master Joshua of NYC, lmb productions


Who is the instructor?

Fire Marshal DYVNC,

  • Sexual Lifestyle Educator & Pro Dominant of LEATHER, BDSM, KINK & SWING
  • Seasoned Event, Visual & Performance Freelancer
  • Androsexual • Demisexual • Polysexual
  • CisMale (He, Him, His)

Available for Commissions and Bookings!!!

Currently he is a sensual sadist playing, teaching, presenting --

  • Kink-Collective Events - resident wax, fire and impact Service Top
  • Former DeBauche Events - resident wax, fire and impact Service Top
  • Former Club Orgasme - resident wax, fire and impact Service Top
  • LePleasure Box - resident wax, fire and cupping Service Top
  • Diamond Entertainment - resident wax, fire and impact Service Top and Presenter
  • Former key holder and media of PendulumNYC
  • Demo Switch and Full Brother of ONYX, New York Northeast Chapter.
  • SILK-NYC - Educator
What do I get out of this course?

It's an ice breaker (literally)! An avenue of trust in one of the most vulnerable ways.

With All Rates

  • A clear understanding of fire play as it is sensual and delicate, as it is exhilarating and dangerous.
  • Safety leads and tips on how to remain pleasurable throughout for both, Top and bottom.

With Private Instruction

  • An exclusive travel size kit including Daddy DYVNC’s signature fire wands, small wax play set and small fire cupping kit.

But most importantly the knowledge and skill to willed the latter with confidence.

Where will the courses take place?

Remote venues across various cities; we will be sure to secure private facilities to ensure discretion and comfort but most importantly safety.

NOTICE: If anyone has special needs, please note on the ticket for accommodations.

NOTICE: because of the severity of play and instruments, we cannot allow service fur babies to the course.

When will these courses take place?

Heated is held on rotating Saturdays and Sundays in each city or Travel Dates available. We will convene between the hours of 12pm to 7pm to maximize the potential or time designated for PVT Instruction.

What dates and cities are currently available?

I am appreciative that I will now resume the tour starting in FRI.JAN.8 - SUN.JAN.10BROOKLYN. NY

Due to the COVID-19 worldwide rest, #Heated101 had remained dormant until now -- I do apologize for inconveniences with hopes that you and yours are safe.

Being as it may, I am in the process of designing a much needed safety course for the Fire Based Kinks in general via my "Onlyfans" platform. I am trying to keep much of my "Onlyfans" site free of charge, but all classes will come with some form of tuition.

Why is it mandatory we both Top and bottom?

In essence one cannot truly explain what one has yet to experience. This is a trust game with a very dangerous escape -- good or bad. Each partner will willed the instruments upon each other and gain the truest sense of what Fire Play is and can be.

NOTICE: Please be advised if you refuse to participate Topping (performing) and bottoming (receiving) in the manner this course provides, you and your partner(s) have forfeited your payment and will be asked to leave the premises.

This portion of the curriculum is detrimental to the learning potential.

Are there any dates or other cities coming?

The following cities will convene registration once the COVID-19 rest subdues.

  • Denver, CO - Saturday, TBA
  • Chicago, IL - Saturday, TBA
  • Oakland, CA - Saturday, TBA
  • New Orleans, LA - Saturday, TBA
  • Houston, TX - Saturday, TBA
  • Las Vegas, NV - Saturday, TBA
  • Dallas, TX - Saturday, TBA
  • Memphis, TN - Saturday, TBA
What's the cost?
  • Any gender, sexuality, race, disability (m/f, m/m, f/f, nb/nb, nb/m, nb/f, tirads or quads)
  • All tickets are first come first serve
  • $200 Single Per via Group Setting
  • $275 Single CLP via Group Setting
  • $350 Triad/Quad via Group Setting
  • $500 Pvt Inst Includes Kit
  • $1500 Pvt Party 8 Person Max

Other payment options are:

  • Cash App - $FireMarshalNYC
  • Venmo - FireMarshalNYC
  • PayPal - FireMarshalNYC@gmail.com
  • Zelle - FireMarshalNYC@gmail.com
  • ApplePayee - FireMarshalNYC@gmail.com

NOTICE: This course is non-refundable

In case you miss the ticketed date, we will reschedule.

If one partner is unable to make it, you may replace said partner providing they complete the safety form.

How do we secure our spot?
  • In order to secure a spot, we ask that you fulfill the tuition requirements with your acknowledgement of consent, discretion and safety -- the latter will be reiterated during the course for signature.
  • During the booking process, we will negotiate your particular needs
  • Once the tuition is paid, you will receive a follow-up email with conformation on details of that particular date, city or event chosen.
Contacts and Registration

Bookings or General Questions

See you there!
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Bobby Turner


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