What is in the constitution?

Article I

This is the legislative branch whitch is made up of the congress were the senate and the House of Representatives are. This branch is important because this is the house of making laws.
This is the House of Representatives which is chosen every second year but you have to be twenty five years old order for you to attend this house.
This is the senates building this building contains two senators today there are 100 senates. The senate only has six years in congress.
This is the president of the United States in January he will be removed and a new one comes in this happens every four years.
The congress is a group of people that meet every year which is on the first Monday of December.

Article II

The executive branch is were they make laws. The president is in charge of the executive branch.
The army and navy this group of people are controlled by there commander in chief the president.

Article III

This is the judicial branch here is were they explain the laws to the constitution. There power is in the Supreme Court.
This is the Supreme Court there is six of them together.

What does the constitution mean to me?

The constitution for me means without it we would still be separate.

I also think that without it life would be different.

We wouldn't have what we have today friends, family and fun.

We wouldn't have school (that's fine) but we wouldn't have education.

I like that he constitution was signed that was the best thing made.

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