LEAP Dimensions transform raw customer data into strategic insights for local advertisers and community organizations

LEAP Dimensions, powered by Tableau, provides media companies the ability to analyze, model and segment the customer databases of local advertisers.

The key ingredient is the first-party customer data and third-party household-level demographics and lifestyle data that can be appended to any customer record that contains a valid physical address.
When you upload an advertiser's customer file to LEAP Dimensions, nearly one-hundred demographics and lifestyle variables are appended to each customer record - allowing you to identify high-value potential customers based on characteristics they share in common with your existing customers.

The strategic insights provided by LEAP Dimensions enable a consultative sales approach that is unlocking new revenue opportunities for media companies.

Using a proprietary process enabled by the LEAP Audience Database, you can transform raw customer data into strategic assets that can be monetized through targeted, omni-channel marketing strategies tailored specifically to the needs of your advertising clients.

LEAP Dimensions instantaneously places a market profile report into the hands of your advertisers, which then opens a dialogue on the many ways you can help them reach the right customer, with the right message, using the right channel.

Data management platforms, social media integration, email marketing, direct marketing, reputation management, run-of-press advertising and pre-print inserts are but a few of the marketing channels media companies are deploying on behalf of local advertisers based on the audience insights available with LEAP Dimensions.

Among the recent success stories for media companies using LEAP Dimensions:

A daily publisher in Colorado analyzed a non-profit foundation's donor file to identify approximately 50,000 high-value potential donors who have the means to donate, as well as propensity to support charitable organizations.

A daily publisher in Pennsylvania that analyzed a multi-location department store's customer file based on purchase history built an insert and digital marketing strategy to drive store traffic.

A daily publisher in Connecticut analyzed past buyers and loyalty club members of a fine food and wine retailer to build a targeted direct marketing list for ongoing promotional marketing via email, social and direct mail.

A daily publisher in western Pennsylvania analyzed an auto repair and tire store's customer file to understand consumer behaviors and characteristics, then built a multi-channel advertising strategy that included print, digital, retargeting, direct marketing and social reputation management.

To learn more about LEAP Dimensions or to request a 20-minute demonstration, contact Daniel Williams at daniel.williams@leapmediasolutions.com.

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