"Starving Artist" is a film that covers the highs and lows of two rising local Austin, TX bands. Throughout this documentary Saint Augustine and Shadow of Whales talk about the struggles of pursuing careers in the arts within our society that puts more importance in other careers. They also discuss topics of funding their passions, living with supportive/unsupportive family, and the societal struggles with a career that is not considered important to society.

Shadow of Whales (Right) & Saint Augustine (Left)

This film covers a topic that needs to be brought to our societies attention: The importance of arts and its impact on society. Funding for the arts in schools has decreased over the past several years.

Joshua Flores and Joe Jarvis talking about the recording process.
"As schools across the country have faced budget shortfalls in recent years, a common cost-cutting measure is to slash funding for arts education, prioritizing what are deemed more essential subjects such as math, reading, and science. Los Angeles and Washington, DC, for example, join Chicago and Philadelphia in this trend."

SELLING POINTS: This film is going to be visually attractive. It mixes storytelling with beautiful visual evidence. It will be compelling and the audience will find intimate connections with each member of the band. It also will be very informative with clean graphics and easy to read language. This film impacts a large audience and it will be informative for all ages, races, and economic statuses.

PRODUCTION CHALLENGES: Scheduling is one large challenge in the process. Scheduling with bands is generally dificult because there are multiple band members with different schedules. This will be combated with diligent planning and scheduling. I also believe that shooting will go fairly smoothly because permits have already been obtained and other locations are private properties and homes of the band members.

INVESTMENT: This film can impact our society in so many ways. It will highlight why arts are important and how arts enrich our society and connect us as a community. Investing in this project is investing in the future of our society.

WHAT I BRING TO THE TABLE AS A PRODUCER: I have been in film and photography for 8 years now. I own and run a very successful media company that works on projects from music videos, to wedding videos and from family portraits to senior pictures. I am well rounded and work well with others. I have a clear vision for this film and know how to communicate it to others helping on the project. I am organized and have already done all the pre-production for this film. I am currently in the production point of the project. I know it doesn't coincide with this class and the courses well, but I started the project in my documentary filmmaking class and did extensive work to set up this large project. I have had a lot of time to plan and execute properly.

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Joy Cope


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