Nordstrom, Inc. company evaluation


Founded in 1901 in Seattle

353 stores across the U.S. & Canada

Nordstrom full-line stores: United States & Canada,, Nordstrom Rack, Haute Look, Trunk Club, Jefferey Boutique

Recent Events

August 2014 - Acquisition of Trunk Club

October 2015 - TD Bank sale of credit-card receivables

Historic Analysis

Previous Sales Performance

Competitors analyzed: Macy's, Inc. & Dillards, Inc.

Strengths: ROA & ROCE, Times Interest Earned, Inventory Turnover

Weaknesses: Liquidity ratios, Debt-to-Equity, Debt-to-Total Assets

Performance & Expectations

Endeavors in Corporate Social Responsibility

Store openings

Customer service

Plans to increase operational efficiency

Prospects - Future Growth

  • Ability to generate returns
  • Cost of sales
  • Ratio & financial analysis results
  • Closely monitoring online presence
  • Growing company


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