UCA Workshop KS5 Visual Arts Creating Virtual Identities

On Monday 13th January 2020 the Visual Arts Department was able to host a creative workshop with UCA led by artist Monika Krupa. This is part of our growing partnership with UCA which is helping our KS5 students develop their understanding of future career paths in the creative industries.

The workshop was called, 'Virtual Identities'. The students were encouraged to explore social media identities via social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter etc. They researched how people had developed their online presence and identity through the use of visuals and text. The students shared their findings with their peers and then used this research to begin constructing their own 'Virtual Identity' using different techniques such as physical collage and montage and digital techniques using Adobe Photoshop.

A huge thank you from all the students to Monika for her work in delivering the workshop and a huge thank you to UCA and Phee for arranging all. Such activities really do help our students to gain different experiences and so aid their progression through education and into life long careers. Further workshops with UCA are due to take place both at LPGS and at different UCA sites in 2020!!