Fab Lab By marc

My favorite place on campus is Fab Lab. This is my favorite place because I love to build and create things. Also, because Fab Lab was the one time during the day where we get to let our imagination run wild. I have awesome some memories there too. When Mr.Carlos made a challenge for the class. You had to build a tall Lego tower and he would put it on a table. He shook the table. Your tower would have to stay together no matter how hard he shook the table. I didn't win, but it was still super fun. When I am there I feel like an inventor. I learned in Fab Lab perseverance and that making mistakes is ok. I Want to thank Mrs. Robin and Mr. Carlos for a great experience in Fab Lab.

This is my #mysseds ornament. I chose fab lab because we get to let our imagination run wild. I enjoyed making this ornament. I drew things on a piece of paper and slide it into a plastic tag. I hope you like it.

Diamante poem


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